Woodgate residents are so excited about green energy that almost 32% of the households in the region already have solar panels on their rooftops. With a collective installed capacity of more than 10,000 kW, this region is far ahead of the per capita Australian national average in terms of solar power installation. Currently, there is around 1600 W per capita solar power installation in the region whereas the Australian national average stands below 700 W.

People in Woodgate love solar energy. It’s time for you to join the ranks.

Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Woodgate

Woodgate residents are collectively producing electricity worth close to $4.5 million each year. You too can add to this by investing in your own solar panels. Here at GCR Electrical Systems, we have partnered with the best solar panel manufacturers to help our customers take advantage of the most efficient solar panels. 

Solar energy has the potential to reduce your monthly electricity bills significantly and keep you in control of your own energy production. By investing in solar batteries, you won’t have to worry about power during blackouts. Needless to say, it will also add to your property value.

The cost of solar panels has come down substantially, especially when you take advantage of the government rebates and feed-in tariff. With a feed-in tariff, you get paid for excess electricity exported to the power grid.

Businesses in Woodgate aren’t far behind households when it comes to solar panel installation. Many businesses have already taken advantage of their vacant roof space by installing solar panels. Consumers prefer businesses that use green energy and businesses can save a significant amount of money by generating their own solar electricity. Another big advantage for businesses is that they can make the most of their solar panel investment through depreciation write-offs, tax savings, and other incentives.

Solar Energy Resources in Woodgate

The average solar energy system size in Woodgate is around 2.8 kW. Since Woodgate enjoys a lot of sunshine, a 6 kW system in this region is capable of generating more than 10,200 kWh of electricity annually which is 75% more than the average consumption of a standard household in the region. This excess electricity can significantly cut down your power bills through a feed-in tariff.

A 5 kilowatt system in the region is capable of generating more than 8,500 kWh and should produce 46% excess electricity after accounting for self-consumption. A 4 kW system is estimated to produce more than 6,800 kWh which is enough to satisfy the needs of a standard household and some excess electricity that can be sent back to the power grid. A 3 kW system is capable of producing more than 5,100 kWh in this region. This is typically enough to take care of nearly 87% of the average annual power consumption of a standard household.

When it comes to the rate of the feed-in tariff, residents in this region can expect to generate anywhere from $0.06-$0.15 per unit of electricity sent back to the power grid.

Solar Panel Installers in Woodgate

GCR Electrical Systems is your local accredited renewable energy specialist. We are a family-owned local solar company. Over the past 10 years, we have helped hundreds of families and local businesses in the region.

We have installed more than 20,000 solar panels and have hundreds of satisfied customers. We are CEC accredited and our technicians have in-depth knowledge of the solar industry. We continuously invest in training to ensure providing the best service to our customers. Call us today on (07) 4194 2753 or request a quote below.