5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Shifting to solar energy is definitely a smart decision. You can reduce your home’s environmental footprint while also significantly reducing your power bills by simply installing a fully functional solar power system.

However, like any significant investment, it’s important to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. Luckily, when it comes to solar power systems for Australian homes and businesses, GCR Electrical Systems is here to help.


Why Choose GCR's Solar Power Systems

We Go The Extra Mile

We believe that all our clients should get the best possible services from us. This is why we always strive to go the extra mile when working on client’s projects, whether big or small.

Exceptional Customer Support

Exceptional customer support is at the heart of our business at GCR Electrical Systems. We would not have come this far without developing a good relationship with our loyal customers.

Custom Solutions

We are proud to offer custom-designed solar power solutions for specific homes and businesses. You can be sure that the solar power system we install in your home or business will meet your unique needs and requirements.

State-of-the-art Solar Power Systems

We only stock the latest and most technologically advanced solar power systems.

Our Systems Are Reliable And Easy To Use

We aim to provide equipment and systems that are both reliable and easy to use.

Expert Technical Support Whenever You Need It

We offer 24/7 expert technical support so that you never go without power.

Quick Solar Panel Installation And Repair Services

We are proud to be one of the fastest solar panel mounting service providers in the Hervey Bay area. Our solar panel systems are effective, durable and versatile.

Unbeatable Prices

If you are worried about spending too much money to get a solar power system, worry no more as we are here to ensure that you get the best value for money.

Free Quotes And No Obligation Consultations

We offer free quotes and no-obligation consultation services to all prospective clients.

5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Solar Power System

What Sort Of Output Performance Should I Expect From This System?


Depending on your power needs, this is a very common question but unfortunately, there is no straight answer. Everything depends on the type of battery bank you install. Add to this the size and capability of the battery, and it starts to make sense why a straight answer cannot be provided. 

Are There Other Ways I Can Save Power In My Home Or Business?


It’s highly likely that you are investing in solar energy with the aim of lowering your power bills. If this is the case, It’s advisable to ask your solar provider if they can help you find other ways to save power in your home or business. Some other ways you can save power include:

Getting an efficient hot water system.

Checking the efficiency of your AC unit.

Getting better and more efficient lighting solutions.

Where Do You Source Your Solar Equipment?


It’s also recommended that you ask your solar provider where they source their solar equipment. Investing in sub-standard solar equipment can lead to huge losses. It’s therefore important that you get information on the specific manufacturers of the solar equipment that will be installed in your property.

Can I Upgrade The System In Future?


Your power and energy needs are likely to increase with time. With that in mind, you should strive to plan for the future by installing a system that can be expanded or upgraded in case your power needs increase. So, ask whether or not the system you will install in your home can be upgraded in future.

What Kind Of After-Sales Care Services Do You Provide?


Solar power systems need routine care and maintenance in order to boost efficiency. A good solar company will not only help you set up a fully functional solar power system in your home or business, but also be willing to offer after-sales care services when you need them. You should also inquire on the specific warranties a system offers in case of future claims.

So, now you know some of the key questions to ask before you invest your hard-earned money on a solar power system for your home or business. Take time to analyse and compare the answers you get before making a final decision.