Are you feeling the heat of rising electricity costs? Do you want to reduce your power bills by up to 85%? More than 16,000 residents in Craignish have already invested in rooftop solar power systems with a collective installed capacity of more than 75,000 kW.

You too can be part of the future. Get your investment back in 4 to 6 years with the potential to earn around $50,000 over the service life of the solar panels.

Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Craignish

Bring down your electricity bills significantly by investing in solar panels today. With a slew of government rebates and other benefits through feed-in tariffs, you should be able to recover your initial investment within 4 to 6 years while adding extensive value to your property. An average solar panel system is expected to keep performing at high efficiency for around 25 years which means you will be earning huge profit from your investment for close to 20 years and you won’t need to depend on the power grid for your electricity requirements.

Business owners also have substantial gains to make with investment in solar power. As a business owner, it will help you set your business apart. You also get to save a substantial amount of money on electricity costs. Consumers are increasingly choosing businesses that invest in sustainable initiatives and investment in solar panels is the best choice for your business.

GCR Electrical Systems is a premier installer of solar panels in Craignish. We have successfully installed more than 20,000 solar panels over the years. We will survey your property to determine the best position for the installation of solar panels to maximise the solar power potential in your location.

Solar Energy Resources in Craignish

A 6 kW solar panel installation in Craignish is expected to generate close to 10,000 units every year. This is enough to power everything needed in a standard household and there should still be a surplus of around 70% which can be exported to the power grid to make money through a feed-in tariff. A 5 kW system is expected to generate more than 8,200 kWh each year which is almost 40% more than the power requirements of a standard household in the region.

With a 4 kW system, you can expect electricity generation of more than 6,600 units each year which should be enough to meet your own power requirements and still have some surplus to be sold to the power grid. A 3 kW system should allow you to generate more than 4,900 units of electricity which is typically enough for 85% of the annual power demand of a standard household.

How to Find the Best Solar Panels for Your Home in Craignish

There are all kinds of solar panels available in the market but the most important thing that matters is the retailer and installers of solar panels. More than a third of the solar panel installers have closed their doors since 2011 and have left more than 400,000 orphan systems across Australia.

Avoid a similar fate by choosing a Clean Energy Council accredited and approved solar panel installer that has been active for more than a decade and has an excellent reputation for friendly service at affordable prices.

GCR Electrical Systems is the premier retailer and installer of solar panels in this region. We are approved and accredited by the Clean Energy Council which means we are bound by their code of ethics. We have partnered with the best solar panel manufacturers across the globe to provide the best products to our clients.

Craignish Solar Energy Savings

With a 6 kW system, you may save more than $1,500 annually whereas a 5 kW system should allow you to save more than $1,100 annually. Ideally, you should be able to get your investment back within 4 to 6 years.

Solar Panel Installers in Craignish

GCR Electrical Systems has more than 20,000 solar panel installations under its belt. Our technicians are Clean Energy Council accredited & approved. We take pride in our work and do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach of other installers. Our technicians will properly survey your property to ensure capturing the maximum solar power potential.

If you have any questions regarding the financial, efficiency, or durability aspect of solar panels, get in touch with our specialists today.