The Benefits Of Solar Inverter Systems


Installing a solar power system in your home or business is basically like installing your own personal power station on your roof. You can virtually eliminate your power bill and even make money back on your feed-in tariff! 

Many different levels of power usage can benefit from the installation of solar panels and a solar power inverter.


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Converting Solar Energy To Home Power

If you are investing in a solar power system, you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. You want your system to operate to peak efficiency and transfer the power you are gathering either into your electrical appliances or into the grid so you can earn the feed-in tariff.


Conversion of power from the solar panels to the wiring in your home is done through the solar inverter. The most efficient solar inverters will produce more power from your system. GCR Electrical offers the Enphase Energy Management System.

This system uses microinverters, meaning that each panel gets its own inverter. This reduces the production loss due to partial shading of your panels or a faulty panel. In addition, it’s safer because there is no reason to run high-voltage DC cabling; the DC from the panels is converted to AC immediately as it leaves the panel.

The inverter is the step that turns the sunlight on your panels into the energy used by your home. It is arguably the most important piece of the whole system.

Smart Inverters


Another advantage of the Enphase Energy Management System is their use of smart inverters to track your energy production. A smart inverter is a device which is capable of two-way communication, sending out both information and receiving commands. It is capable of sending out highly detailed information about energy production and usage.

Thanks to these management tools, you can see when you use the most electricity, when you produce the most electricity, and what portion of the electricity you produce is being returned to the grid. You’ll also be alerted immediately to any issues with your system.

For example, if a sudden change in energy production is detected, you’ll receive a notification so you can investigate the issue. In some cases, troubleshooting and diagnosis of your system can happen remotely through these smart systems.

Smart inverters make your whole system more efficient and easier to use and maintain. 


Why Should You Go Solar?

The Benefits Of Solar Are Massive

The benefits of a solar system are the most obvious for businesses that operate during daytime hours and for homes that are occupied mostly during the day. The solar system produces electricity from sunlight which is immediately consumed, rather than being pulled from the grid. 

Generally speaking, even occupied homes only use about forty percent of the energy produced by their solar system, and the rest is fed back into the grid.

However, thanks to 2017 increases in feed-in tariffs, it’s even more worthwhile for homes which are empty during the day to install a solar system. Any modern home uses some power during the day, due to appliances like refrigerators which run even when not directly in use, but it’s only a small fraction of the power generated.

The rest of the power generated, in this case, which is nearly all of the max kW of the system, goes back into the grid at a feed-in tariff of anywhere from 8c to 18c per kWh.

Those homes and businesses that use the most power will, of course, see the most benefit of a solar system. The elimination of high energy bills represents great savings for any budget. Be sure to select a system which provides enough kW to handle a higher load for a high-demand business. 

Maintaining a Solar System

Once installed, your solar system will need regular servicing. A solar system is a major investment and, like any other major investment, should be cared for in order to hold its value. You’ll get the best performance from your system if it is kept in proper working order.

GCR Electrical Systems recommends yearly maintenance on your solar system. Our certified electricians are more than qualified to assist you with your yearly maintenance. The annual maintenance service includes an inspection of your system and a cleaning of your panels. Besides these services, your system is regularly monitored by our electricians for any issues that may arise.

Regular inspections of the wiring and connections of your solar system are vital to your safety. The voltage traveling through your solar panels and inverters is very high, and poorly maintained systems can be a fire hazard. The annual inspection includes checks for damaged cables and loose connections. In addition to annual inspections, the system should be inspected after a major storm for the same reasons. 

Maintenance of your solar power system will keep it running at its peak and extend the longevity of your investment, and is important for safety reasons. An annual maintenance package makes this easy and gives you added peace of mind. 


Buying Your Solar System


Once you’ve determined that solar power is right for your home, you’ll need to buy the system. This means finding an installer and choosing what system to buy. There are many options when it comes to solar power systems, and figuring out which system you need can be a complicated process. However, don’t worry – we are here to help you with this process.

GCR Electrical Systems offers a free energy assessment to potential new customers who live or own a business in the Hervey Bay area. This allows us to determine what your needs are in a solar power system and offer you a quote for the system that will best handle them. This is a free quote and you have no obligation to buy. 

We also offer a free solar buyer’s guide to anyone interested. We want you to be informed when buying your solar system, even if you choose a different installer. This guide will help you decide if you are likely to benefit from a solar power system, inform you about the different types of systems, and help you spot the signs of a good installer.

It also contains important financial tips, such as a checklist to determine if you are getting all of the possible savings opportunities and calculations to help you determine what the return on your investment is likely to be. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you start saving money with a solar power system. 

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