Are you a business or home interested in solar production to cut down your reliance on the national grid? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint, while also improving your energy independence? GCR Electrical Systems is your one-stop-shop for all of your solar installation in Beelbi Creek. We are experienced solar power system installers operating locally to the highest standard possible. 

Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Beelbi Creek

Creek with a total capacity of 7,511kW. Beelbi Creek has a population of 4,240, which works out to 1,771 watts per person, which is more than the national average of 694 watts per person. 

Additionally, there are 2,342 dwellings in Beelbi Creek. As such, the 1,700 solar systems translates to about 73 PV systems for every 100 dwellings. This is more than the national average of 33 solar panels per 100 dwellings. 

All of the above goes to show that as a community, Beelbi Creek has embraced solar power. And the community is all the better for it. 

For instance, based on conservative production estimates, on average the installed solar power system produces 34,131 kWh of energy production per day. When priced at the retail price of 26c per kWh, it translates to $3,239,075 generated from solar energy.

Solar Energy Resources in Beelbi Creek

Solar irradiation levels in Beelbi Creek are approximately 5.42 kWh per square metre every day, which bodes well for solar power generation. 

Based on this estimate, a 3kW system has a production output of 4,976 kWh, which is enough to meet about 85% of annual electricity consumption in a typical home. A 4kWh sized solar system is capable of producing 6,635 kWh, a 5kWh can produce 8,293 kWh, and a 6kHw system can produce 9,952 kWh or about 170% of annual electricity consumption.

To optimise solar production, the solar system should face north angled at 25 degrees. However, whatever your roof angle is will suffice unless the roof pitch angle is less than 10 degrees, which will necessitate the use of tilt frames.

How To Find the Best Solar Panels For Your Home In Beelbi Creek

You should start by defining your energy needs. How much electricity you consume will determine the most optimal PV or solar hot water panels for your home. Ideally, the system you install should produce enough electricity (or hot water) to meet your needs.

You should also take into consideration the cost. While going for the cheapest option is not necessarily the best option, you should be mindful not to overpay for your system. With the high upfront cost of the solar system, any savings you make when buying and installing the system will increase the savings you make in the long run.

Other factors you should consider include the build quality of the system, the efficiency of the panels and the heat tolerance, amongst other features.

Beelbi Creek Solar Energy Savings

We’ll calculate the savings based on the 6kW system being the most popular solar PV size. Assuming a 50% self-consumption rate and using the low-end feed-in tariff rate of 6c, households and businesses stand to save $1,592 every year. 

That being said, the savings will vary based on the size of the solar power system you’ve installed and your self-consumption/feed-in rate. Naturally, households with plenty of daytime energy savings will consume less power and feed in more electricity to the grid, increasing their savings.

Solar Panel Installers In Beelbi Creek

Installing a solar power system in Beelbi Creek does not have to be a pain or hassle. Simply work with GCR Electrical Systems, one of the best solar system installation companies in the region. We wll offer an experience that is hassle-free, and best in class solar panel installation services. 

We have a keen eye for customer satisfaction and dedication to producing unmatched quality workmanship. You can rest assured we will pull out all stops to ensure your system is installed to the highest standard possible.