How Do Solar Panels Work


The cost of grid power has been on the rise in recent years due to higher demand, increased cost of production, inflation and other economic factors. More and more people are now looking for alternative ways to power their homes and businesses all across the country.

Solar power is currently the most viable alternative energy solution in Australia. This is largely due to major improvements in the quality and efficiency of solar panels, batteries and other solar power equipment. GCR Electrical Systems is at the forefront of the shift to solar power.


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How Solar Panels Work


Solar panels basically work by absorbing UV rays from the sun using special photovoltaic cells and converting these rays into electricity. The cells first convert the rays into a form of electricity known as Direct Current (DC). 

Then, another piece of equipment known as an inverter converts DC electricity into AC (alternating current) electricity which is used to power appliances and other electrical equipment in your home or business. In simple terms, solar panels work by absorbing sunlight and converting it to DC electricity.

How Do They Generate Electricity?


A standard solar panel (also referred to as a solar module) is made up of a glass casing, metal frame and a layer of photovoltaic (silicon cells) and some wiring that allows DC electricity to flow from the cells. Silicon is a non-metallic element that has conductive properties.

Silicon can absorb and convert the energy from the sun into electrical energy. When light comes into contact with a silicon cell, the electrons in the cells become active and produce an electric current. This process is known as the Photovoltaic Effect.


The Photovoltaic Effect

Essentially, the Photovoltaic Effect is what enables solar panels to generate electricity. The process is quite simple and involves the following:

One of the biggest concerns that people have when thinking about switching to solar power is the issue of what to do when there is not enough sunlight such as during bad weather or at night. It’s important to understand that solar panels are only responsible for generating electricity.

The electricity they produce must be stored using batteries so that your home or business can stay powered even when the sunlight may not be available. Also, many people choose to connect their solar power systems to the grid which helps them to save on energy costs. Having a hybrid power system (grid+solar) is an excellent way to save money on power.

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