Solar Power In Australia: The Basics


Are you looking to save money? Do you want lower monthly utility bills? The simple answer is you need a solar power system. A solar power system will not only help you cut energy costs but will also help you achieve energy independence.

With a high-efficiency solar power solution, you will not only save money on your monthly electricity bills but it will also enhance the value of your property. A high quality solar system should last for more than 20 years and is a substantial investment.

With GCR Electrical Systems, you are in safe hands. We have extensive experience in the solar industry and have earned an excellent reputation among our customers for installing the highest quality solar energy panels with more than expected savings. 


Points Of Difference


How Does Solar Power Work?


Solar power works with solar panels capturing direct sunlight and then converting it into DC electricity. The DC electricity can’t be used directly and needs to be converted into AC electricity. This work is done by the inverter.

There are different types of inverters such as micro-inverters which are fixed on the underside of the solar panels. There are also other types of inverters which can be used on an as needs basis.

This AC electricity can then be used for powering your home directly. If you invest in a battery system, the excess electricity produced during the day can be stored into the battery which can then be used at night time. Once the battery is full and still there is excess electricity, it can be exported to the grid to get a feed in tariff payment from the power provider.

Solar Panels

Needless to say, the success of solar installation depends on the quality of the solar panels. There are all kinds of solar panels out there. The highest quality solar panels typically come with more than 20 years of performance guarantee.

Therefore, it is important that you do not choose a solar power system or a solar panel based on price alone. We recommend sticking to a well-known brand to ensure that they are around to honour the warranty in case the need arises. 

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is the device that converts DC electricity produced by the solar panels into AC electricity which can be used to power your home or office and can be fed directly into the electricity grid. There are a number of trusted brands of inverters such as Enphase.

All the major and reputable brands offer full warranty support in Australia. When it comes to choosing one, the same rules apply to solar inverters. Do not buy an inverter only because it’s cheap. Cheap inverters will most likely fail in a few years. 

Solar Powered Rebate Queensland

The government is also making efforts to make it easier for people to install solar and this is why they offer a rebate of around $630 for every kW of solar installed.

You are eligible to get a subsidy of up to $3150 for a solar system with capacity of 5 kW. In addition, you can also benefit from feed in tariffs which is the excess electricity that is generated by your renewable energy system and fed into the main grid. This tariff is set each year.

Solar Loans - Interest Free


Every Queensland household is eligible for up to $4500 in solar loans. These loans can be repaid in up to 7 years in monthly payments. Keep in mind that there is absolutely no interest, no charges and no fees for the life of the loan. The loan packages are available for solar systems, battery systems as well as combined solar and battery systems.

With GCR Electrical Systems, you’ll get access to the best brands in the industry and benefit from highest quality service and extensive local installation experience. Whether you are looking for a new installation, or repair or maintenance of an existing solar power system, call us now on (07) 4194 2753 for friendly advice regarding a solar power system.