What Is Tesla Powerwall?


A Tesla Powerwall is a stationary rechargeable lithium-ion battery used for home energy storage. It stores electricity from solar energy for self-consumption, load shifting, off-the-grid use and backup power.

It is available on-demand and is self-sufficient to power your home, can be used during the night, or can be used as back up power during power outages and emergencies. The Tesla Powerwall has a built-in battery inverter which makes it compact and easy to integrate into your home.

Tesla has currently released two models – Tesla Powerwall 1 and Tesla Powerwall 2. Larger sizes of the Powerwall are available, they are called Powerpacks.

How Does It Work?

The Tesla Powerwall system is made of at least one Powerwall battery and one backup Gateway. They work together in gathering, storing, managing, and monitoring the energy levels. It is optimised for daily cyclings like load shifting and among other functions.

The Powerwall is charged through solar energy during the day. It is during the day when the solar panels are producing more electricity than what is being consumed. It then stores the solar energy into the Powerwall energy storage until it is needed for consumption. It is usually during the night when solar energy cannot be collected, that the stored energy is used. It is also used for emergencies like power outages or when the grid is offline.

Powerwall Specifications

ModelTechnologyCapacityPowerOperating TemperatureWeight
Powerwall 1DC to DC converterLithium-ion6.4 kWh2 kW continuous-20℃ – 43℃214 lb
Powerwall 2DC to AC inverterLithium-ion13.5 kWh7 kW peak; 5kW continuous-20℃ – 50℃251.3 lb

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need
To Charge A Powerwall?

On average, a solar panel is about 200W – 400W. Assuming a panel of 300W rating, you will need around 18 solar panels to charge your Tesla Powerwall in a single day. This should be enough for your home backup. You can always add more panels for better storage capacity as your need for more energy storage and electricity consumption increases.

Powerwall Installation And Design

Side-by-side Mounting

Your Tesla Powerwall can be mounted side by side on a wall or on the floor given that each Powerwall unit must have sufficient space between each other so there is enough space for electrical connections and for proper ventilation.

Front-to-back Mounting

If mounting the Powerwall front to back, it must be mounted on the floor. It must also be anchored to an adjacent wall. The Powerwall units must be joined together with the Powerwall Stack Kit hardware.

Stacking Larger Systems

For more than three Powerwalls, separate stacks of three units must be installed with each stack mounted to a wall.

In cases where a whole home back up is not possible, you can set it up so that the essential appliances get the load during a grid outage and other emergencies.

The Tesla Powerwall and backup Gateway can be installed indoor or outdoors. The Powerwall system can operate within -20℃ to 50℃. Temperature outside this range can cause some limitations in the charging and discharging of power. The Powerwall will protect its system from extreme weather conditions to improve battery lifespan.

Avoid installing Powerwall in locations where it is directly exposed to sunlight and other harsh weather conditions. 

Here are other tips to keep your Powerwall system in tiptop shape:

Getting A Tesla Powerwall System


A Tesla Powerwall system is a great investment and can help you save a lot of money in the long run. It is also a costly investment that needs to be handled by the right technicians for proper installation. Your battery system must be installed effectively and efficiently.

GCR Electrical Systems is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. This means we can help you customise your Powerwall system so you can harness the full power of the sun, reduce your carbon footprint, and save money.

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