The uptake for solar panels has increased significantly in the past few years. Over 2.56 million solar panels are installed throughout Australia, with a combined production capacity of around 18.5 Gigawatts. At GCR Electrical Systems, we offer the full range of services pertaining to solar power systems in Baddow and can help you become part of the growing solar trend. We are your go-to solar system specialist, from solar panel installation to servicing.

Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Baddow

We specialise in providing high-quality residential and commercial solar system installation, maintenance, and upgrades. Whether you’re a homeowner tired of rising electricity bills, power outages, or you’re a business owner interested in reducing your carbon footprint while reducing your energy cost, we have solutions, products, and services to meet your needs.

Baddow homeowners can rely on GCR Electrical Systems for their renewable hot water, solar panel installation, energy storage, smart connected products, including smart meters, and much more on the residential front. We’ve worked with numerous homeowners to help keep their solar energy systems operating in peak performance, thereby generating the intended economic benefit from their investment.

We work with business owners to reduce their energy costs and carbon liabilities. We’ll analyse your business’s energy consumption and determine a business case for investing in solar energy. More importantly, we provide custom solar solutions that include installing solar panels, solar energy storage, solar hot water, and any other solution or system that meets your needs.

Solar Energy Resources In Baddow

Baddow’s climate is perfect for solar. The summers are hot, with temperatures averaging a high of 30.6° C. Additionally, the winter months are also warm and sunny, with the temperature averaging a low of 22.6°C. Solar panels receive an average of 4.95 kWh of solar power for every square metre throughout the year. This means there is a high potential for solar production in Baddow.

While statistics for the number of solar panels installed in Baddow are not readily available, the available data for the wider Maryborough indicate that solar installation in Baddow is a popular investment. As of August 2019, there were about 5,122 solar energy systems installed in Maryborough. This translates to 42.6% of the homes in Maryborough have installed solar panels in their homes.

How To Find The Best Solar Panels For Your Home in Baddow

Among the primary considerations when selecting solar panels is the size of the solar panel. It’s essential that you purchase the right-sized solar panels based on physical size and watt capacity. You should also look into the efficiency of the PV panels, the heat tolerance, the quality of materials and panel manufacturing, and the warranty a manufacturer provides for their products.

While many considerations go into finding the best solar panels for your home, you can trust GCR Electrical Systems throughout this process. We draw from our experience and expertise to help you find a solar panel system that will meet your needs without breaking your bank account.

Baddow Solar Energy Savings

You start accruing savings after the solar system has paid for itself. In most cases, it takes from as little as 2 years to 7 years for a 5kW system to pay for itself. In terms of utility bills savings, homeowners can save between 65% to 85% of their energy costs by investing in solar panels.

Households with high daylight energy savings (they experience low energy consumption during the day, such as during workdays) and high export to the grid tend to recoup their cost relatively quickly. 

Solar Panel Installers In Baddow

Businesses and homeowners can rely on GCR Electrical Systems for their solar panel installation. We are the premier solar power system installers with a keen eye on details, a pursuit for quality workmanship, and unmatched experience in helping businesses and homeowners transition to solar energy. 

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