Each year, Australia receives loads of sunlight. As such, you can harness the unlimited energy of the sun with a solar power generation system or even a solar hot water system. GCR Electrical Systems is the company you can depend on and rely on to install and maintain your solar energy system in Bidwill.

If you are looking for the best solar power system installation or servicing Bidwill services, we encourage you to give us a call today or get a free quote below. Our team of seasoned solar power experts is ready to answer any, and all, of your questions.

Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Bidwill

GCR Electrical Systems offers both commercial and residential solar panel installation services. Given the abundance of sunlight in Australia, solar energy is seen as one of the most promising green energy solutions available to both businesses and homeowners. 

Whether you are looking to decrease your organisation’s carbon footprint by generating and utilising more green energy, or are simply looking to reduce your home’s utility bills by generating your own electricity, we can help you realise your solar production vision. Our skilled and seasoned solar power installers have the necessary training, knowledge and equipment to bring your solar power generation plans to reality.  

Having been accredited by the Clean Energy Council, in the fields of solar design and installation, we can handle the design, installation and maintenance of your solar power system. If you want to store the power generated, we can also cater to your solar power storage requirements.

Solar Energy Resources In Bidwill

The annual average solar irradiation level in Bidwill is estimated to be around 5.28 kilowatt-hours per square meter, per day. If you purchase a high-quality solar energy system that is set up by qualified and reputable solar installers you can expect to generate a reasonable amount of power each year – think between 83 per cent and 166 per cent of the average annual consumption, depending on the output capacity of the specific system you will be using. 

As of November 2021, the 4650 postal code area of Bidwill had an installed solar power capacity of 30,358 kW, from at least 6,445 installed small scale systems. Taking it a step further, this results in around 1,002 watts per individual in the area, given the local population of 30,293 residents.  

In monetary terms, Bidwill residents are generating upwards of $12,754,000 worth of solar energy based on a conservative estimate of 134,394 kilowatt-hours of average daily production – taking the retail price of electricity as 26 cents per kilowatt-hour. 

How To Find The Best Solar Panels For Your Home In Bidwill

The first and most important consideration for most people when it comes to finding the best solar panels is capacity. Simply put, the best system should be capable of meeting your energy needs – think wattage and appropriately sized solar panels. As such, you should take the time to define your specific energy needs before hitting the market. 

Another important factor to consider is the cost of solar panels. You should also think about the quality, efficiency and longevity of the panels. Carefully assess any warranties offered as they are a key indicator of the quality and longevity of the product in question. 

Bidwill Solar Energy Savings 

Bidwill residents opting for the installation of solar power systems can expect to save up to $1,511 annually, assuming they are using a 6kW system, low-end feed-in tariff range of 6 cents and a 50 per cent self-consumption rate. 

This means that the system will be able to pay for itself in a few years, after which the savings can be seen as profits!

Solar Panel Installers In Bidwill

Even with the right solar panels, it is important that you hire the best solar power systems installers and maintenance services providers in Bidwill, if you wish to get the most out of your new system. Thanks to our knowledgeable and seasoned installers and maintenance technicians, GCR Electrical Systems have carved out a name for ourselves as a reputable and reliable service provider with numerous satisfied local residents.

If you are thinking of going green with solar power, contact GCR Electrical Systems Bidwill for more information or request a cost solar quote.