Save Money On Your Fuel Bill By Upgrading To Solar Hot Water!


Water heating is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australian homes and second in terms of household energy use in the average Australian home, after space heating and cooling. Fortunately, you can do something about it.

If you install a solar hot water system from GCR Electrical Systems, you can save money on your fuel bills and reduce greenhouse emissions without the need to compromise your lifestyle. The abundant sunshine in Australia makes it ideal for you to take advantage and get free hot water from the sun!

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Why Choose GCR Electrical Systems?


Types Of Solar Collectors


To enjoy solar hot water, you first need to have the right solar collector. A solar collector is a device that collects or concentrates solar radiation from the sun. The devices are primarily used for active solar heating and heating water for personal use.

A solar collector is typically mounted on the roof and must be very sturdy as it is exposed to a variety of different weather conditions. Solar collectors are an excellent alternative to traditional water heating via water heaters thus potentially reducing energy costs over time.

At GCR Electrical Systems, we typically install the following types of solar collectors:

EnviroHeat Heat Pump

The EnviroHeat Heat Pump has been designed to work with modern PV power solar systems. The heat pump can soak up to 18kW of heat energy for use at night. The innovative heat pump allows users to maximise solar power utilisation. 


Advanced Control Systems – The heat pump uses an advanced control system with an automatic timer designed to ensure the device maximises energy harvesting during the day. A second timer ensures users do not run out of hot water in the morning hours.

High Performance And Efficiency – The EnviroHeat Heat Pump is highly efficient in absorbing heat energy from the environment. The system can take up heat energy even when the outside temperature dips below -7°C. Additionally, it can create 4kW of heat from 1kW of electricity. Ultimately, the efficiency also extends to carbon emissions, with this heat pump producing less carbon emissions.

Superior UV Protection – The enhanced UV protection allows the heat pump to last much longer than the competition. As such, you can enjoy hot water for much longer, all the while without suffering performance degradation owing to exposure of environmental factors.

Advanced Heat Pump Compressor – The EnviroHeat Heat Pump has an advanced heat pump compressor that increases the efficiency of heat transfer, improving the system’s overall performance. 

Micro-Channel Condenser – The microchannel condensers increase the contact surface area, which yields better heat transfer performance while reducing refrigerant consumption.

A Bottom Line – The bottom coil area enlarges the total heat exchange area. This improves the efficiency of the system and delivers more hot water to users.

Other notable features include an overheat-proof system, anti-freeze, frost-proof, smart boost, and smart vacation system.


High Efficiency – The underlying system behind these heat pumps has a proven track record of performance and efficiency. Crucially, EnviroHeat Heat Pump has class-leading performance in this heat pump category, resulting in 71% saving in energy.

Low Noise – EnviroHeat Heat Pump engineers have optimised their system to keep noise emissions as low as possible. Homeowners will barely notice the heat pump working in the background.

Envirosun TS Plus Hot Water System

One of the greatest expenses of running a home is heating water. At GCR Electrical, we have an innovative selection of hot water heating systems that cut the cost of household hot water while securing a low-carbon output. 

By choosing Envirosun’s products, you are choosing excellence in hot water output while saving money and contributing to a better environment. Envirosun knows what water heating systems require, and delivers on this by producing the greatest products at the edge of today’s proven technology.

Benefits Of The Envirosun TS Plus Hot Water System

Made of European 444 grade stainless steel, this system features a solar collector made from 100 percent copper. It is a roof-mountable tank that delivers the highest quality hot water from its insulated, sealed aluminum manifold tank. We provide a full seven-year warranty on these solar panels as well as the tank.

The stainless steel tank is long-lasting and it is lightweight. Unlike standard mild steel products, this does not need a sacrificial anode. They don’t need to be changed every few years, so you get more value for your money. This system also requires fewer maintenance calls, so once it is installed, you can rest assured you will get consistent hot water for years.

Envirosun's Active Solar Split Solar Heater

Envirosun has several sizes of AS or Active Solar Hot Water Heaters available for home use. These hot water heating systems are also referred to as split solar hot water systems and they are the most flexible and visually appealing systems available.

How the Envirosun AS Split Solar Heater Works

Using solar panels installed on your roof, the heater works with the help of the hot water storage tank which can be installed on the ground or wherever it is most convenient in your home. The hot water solar panels collect and add heat to the storage tank. A small pump is then turned on to move the hot water from the collector panels into the tank where it then cools the water for home use. 

How Efficient Is the AS Split Solar Heater?

The AS split solar heater pump is small and operates quietly using limited power. It is designed to use a minimum amount of power and save you money over the life of the heating system. 

The Active Solar split solar unit is made from durable materials right here in Australia. The tanks withstand extreme weather temperatures, and the heater will automatically shut off when temperatures reach 200 degrees C. Made to last for years, and built in several sizes to suit any home, the Envirosun split solar unit is one we feel confident you will find is both dependable and economical to own.

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Want To Upgrade To Solar Hot Water?

Installing a solar hot water system is not only a great way to reduce your family’s environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions, but also saving money on an ongoing basis. If you want such a system installed on your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with GCR Electrical Systems.

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