Are you interested in getting a Solar Power System installed for your business or home in Aldershot? Australia is one of the sunniest countries, which means it is simple to use the power from the sun to efficiently generate electricity for either your home or commercial property. With extensive experience in Hervey Bay, GCR Electrical Systems can assist you with a comprehensive selection of solar production requirements from installation to maintenance to upgrading your current system. Please call us today and ask for a free quote.

Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Aldershot

  • Residential Solar Energy

Choosing to install the right-sized solar system at your residential property is one of the easiest ways to lower your power bills. GCR Electrical are professional solar power system installers that are here to give you all the information you need about solar and the ways you can start saving significant amounts of cash. 

  • Commercial Solar Energy

Choosing a solar power system in Aldershot makes a lot of sense. As energy costs continue to rise and place increasing demands on the profits of businesses throughout Australia and have even forced a few companies to close their doors, the latest introduction of the Carbon Tax has made things even worse. If you plan to keep your doors open, a solar panel installation might be the smartest decision you can make for your business. 

Solar Energy Resources in Aldershot

In Aldershot, over 6,390 small-scale systems have already been installed. The collective capacity was 29,948 kW on October 31, 2021. Based on a population of 30,293 residents in the 4650 postcode area, this translates into 989 watts per person, in comparison to the 671 watts Australian average. In the 4650 area, there are around 14,414 dwellings, which works out to 44 solar panel systems per 100 dwellings. This is in comparison to the Australian average of 32. 

According to a "conservative average" of 132,579 kWh of energy production per day (sufficient to power up to 8,286 homes) and a retail electricity cost of 26c per kilowatt-hour, the residents in Aldershot are generating $12,581,762 of energy collectively per year at retail prices. 

Owners of solar power systems in Aldershot contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, with these systems in the 4650 region avoiding 38,713 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. Aldershot also experiences solar-irradiation levels that reach around 5.28 kilowatt-hours per square metre a day (on average) over the course of a year.

How To Find The Best Solar Panels For Your Home In Aldershot

With extensive experience in Aldershot, GCR Electrical Systems are here to guide you with a solar quote for system installation, maintenance, upgrades, and servicing in Aldershot. Services on offer include:

  • In-home solar energy assessments
  • Solar installation in Aldershot
  • Home energy storage and management solutions
  • Solar panel replacements and repairs
  • Solar hot water services
  • Solar inverter servicing and repairs
  • Mounting and wiring services
  • Upgrades and testing

Aldershot Solar Energy Savings

GCR Electrical Systems only uses premium components when installing solar panels. This also includes top-grade wiring and solar inverters to ensure you are receiving maximum longevity and power from your solar energy system. This also guarantees that you achieve the highest savings on your investment, and ongoing support for years to come.

Solar Panel Installers In Aldershot

GCR Electrical Systems has extensive experience and skills that translate directly into our work performance, which essentially results in the lowest cost for our customers. Please call us today on (07) 4194 2753  to find out how you can start saving on your electricity bills today.