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The Hervey Bay Homeowners Guide To Better Solar Power

Your FREE must-have guide before choosing a solar installation company

You’d love to reduce your power bills, right?

… and solar could be the ideal way to help you do that.

But, how do you know what option is best for you?

Equip yourself with the right info, to make the solar investment you’re most with, using the FREE Hervey Bay Solar Buyer’s Guide.

Do more than reduce your power bill, get the peace of mind that
your solar system is the best solution for your home.

Why is the solar installer I pick so important?

A good solar installer will not only provide a quality installation of your new system, but also help tailor the system to provide the best power production and reliability for your home.

For example, did you know that some solar panel manufacturers void your warranty if you’re in a coastal area?

Well, ‘coastal area’ describes Hervey Bay quite well… but some installers will happily recommend solutions that haven’t taken this into account.

This is just one example of why it’s important to get the right info upfront, so you can quickly assess if the installer you’re considering properly understands what you’re looking for and what are the best options for your location.

How would you like to know what questions to ask before talking with solar installers?

With the Hervey Bay Solar Buyer’s Guide, you’ll have these questions in an easy to read PDF. It’s a smarter way to get a no-nonsense quote and improve your ability to recognise the best value solution

Produced by local solar professionals

Having planned and provided hundreds of solar installs in the Hervey Bay area, GCR Electrical Systems has not only helped many of your neighbours get a great deal on solar, but also to better sort through the options, to ensure the best savings and value is achieved.

In addition to offering complimentary home energy assessments, GCR Electrical Systems has produced this guide, to help you identify the best options for getting solar power for your home.

“We recently moved to Hervey Bay and through our real estate agent we were put in contact with GCR Electrical Systems. The work we needed done wasn’t a lot but Gary, Christabelle and their staff were very helpful, courteous and were able to assist with the work we required and answered all our questions especially when it came to the solar system. We have no hesitation in recommending GCR Electrical Systems.”
~Selena Gardiner

What’s in the Hervey Bay Solar Buyer’s Guide?

The guide itself is a 4-page PDF, that will be delivered to the email address you provide.
It includes:

  • A quick 2 step assessment of your likelihood to benefit from solar
  • Brief overview of the types of solar power systems
  • What you need to ask when selecting your solar installer… and how to recognise a good installer
  • A checklist to ensure your solar power quote has what you need, and if other savings opportunities have been considered
  • How to ensure the equipment you’ve been recommended is worth owning… and if your investment in solar is likely to see the returns you’re expecting

In short, if you want the process of getting your solar system to be as much fun as a significantly cheaper power bill, you’ll be glad you got this guide.

Solar Buyer's Guide