With more than 3 million installations, Australia has quickly emerged as one of the leading countries in the world for rooftop solar installations. Buxton residents have also contributed to this growing trend with the installation of close to 1,800 small-scale solar power systems with a collective capacity of around 11,500 kW. The per capita solar power installation in the Buxton area is more than 1,000 W which is much higher compared to the national Australian average of just 671 watts.

Are you thinking of getting solar power for your home or business? You might be eligible for solar power rebates from the federal and state governments which should bring down the cost of solar power installation substantially.

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Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Buxton

Buxton residents are collectively generating solar electricity worth more than $4.4 million annually with the average retail electricity cost in the region being around $0.29 per kilowatt-hour. Many Buxton residents have substantially brought down their electricity bills by investing in high-quality solar power.

Modern solar panels are high-efficiency and capable of converting anywhere from 15 to 20% of solar energy into electricity. Furthermore, these panels don’t ask for too much maintenance. Just make sure to keep them clean and they should keep working for many years. Solar power helps you save money by generating cheap solar electricity for personal use and if you invest in a bigger system, you can also earn money through feed-in tariffs.

Businesses are also increasingly investing in solar panels. It helps them stand out and save money at the same time.

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Solar Energy Resources in Buxton

On average, Buxton residents can potentially generate 4.39 kWh of solar electricity per square metre, each day. A 3 kW solar power system in Buxton is estimated to generate more than 4,000 kWh of solar energy annually which is typically equivalent to around 70% of the annual electricity requirements of a standard household.

A 6 kW system is expected to generate more than 8,000 kWh of solar electricity which is typically 38% more than the annual electricity requirements of a standard household in Buxton. With a 5 kW system, you can expect solar energy generation of more than 6,700 kW in a year. It should not only meet your own electricity requirements but also help you earn money by exporting excess electricity back to the grid. With a 4 kW solar panel system, you should be able to meet more than 90% of your own personal electricity requirements with solar electricity generation of more than 5,300 kWh.

How To Find The Best Solar Panels For Your Home In Buxton

There is no shortage of types and brands of solar panels in the market. However, all solar panels are not created equal. Here’re a few tips to help you make the right choice when it comes to solar panels for home use in Buxton:

Warranty Terms – Carefully read the warranty terms. Every manufacturer offers a performance warranty of more than a decade but sometimes, the warranty terms are pretty onerous. Also, some manufacturers do not provide performance warranties in coastal areas. Make sure you are aware of the warranty terms before choosing a particular manufacturer.

Upgradability – Electricity needs are always increasing which means you might need more solar panels in the future to meet additional requirements. Make sure you choose a system that can be easily upgraded in the future. Not all systems can be upgraded without substantial additional cost.

After Sales Service – Routine care and maintenance are needed to maintain the optimum efficiency of solar power systems. Make sure you choose an installer that is known for impeccable after-sales services. Don’t forget to check the fine print on specific warranties offered by them.

CEC Accredited – Make sure the solar installer you choose is fully CEC accredited. CEC accreditation requires installers to remain up to date with the latest laws and they only install approved solar power systems. It also means that they have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure optimum efficiency and safety. GCR Electrical Systems is a fully CEC accredited installer.

Buxton Solar Energy Savings

Everybody invests in solar power with the expectation of saving some money. There are 2 ways to save money with solar energy. Firstly, the average retail price of electricity in this region is around $0.29 which means all the electricity generated by your solar power system multiplied with this rate is the savings you can expect to make on your own personal consumption.

The feed-in tariff in Queensland ranges from $0.06-$0.17 per kilowatt-hour which means you will get this rate per unit of exported solar electricity to the grid. A 5 kW solar power system installation is expected to save more than $1,000 per year in Buxton.

Solar Panel Installers in Buxton – GCR Electrical Systems

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