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Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Pacific Haven

The abundance of solar energy in Pacific Haven makes solar production sustainable and profitable for businesses and residential premises alike. As such, more than 1,718 small-scale solar systems have been installed in area code 4659 as of February 2022. This brings the collective production capacity of the solar power system in Pacific Haven to 7,658.

With about 2,341 households in the Pacific Haven, this works out to 73 solar systems for every 100 dwellings, well over the national average of 33. Additionally, since area code 4459 is home to 4,240 people, this calculates to 1,806 watts per person, more than the Australian average of 713 watts per person.

Based on the retail electricity prices of 26c per kWh and the average production rate of 34,223 kWh, businesses and homes in Pacific Haven are producing electricity worth about $3,247,750 per year. On the environmental side, the entire Pacific Haven has cut back the production of 9,993 tonnes of CO2 per year by embracing solar systems. 

Solar Energy Resources in Pacific Haven

The average irradiation level is approximately 5.33 kWh per square metre per day. The peak solar energy production months are from November to February, with June having the lowest irradiation levels.

In December and January, a 6 kW solar panel system can produce between 33.25 kWh to 34.25 kWh of electricity every day. This translates to approximately 9,787 kWh of electricity annually, which is about 168% of the annual consumption of a household.

Other solar system capacities have the following performance:

  • 3kW system – 4,893 kWh (equivalent to approximately 84% of annual household electricity consumption)
  • 4kW system – 6,524 kWh (equal to around 112% of annual household electricity consumption)
  • 5kW system – 8,156 kWh (equivalent to approximately 140% of annual household electricity consumption)

How to Find the Best Solar Panels for your Home in Pacific Haven

Whether installing solar panels or solar hot water, investing in the right sized solar system is key to accruing all the benefits of solar energy production. You should consider the average amount of electricity you consume. After that, you should select a solar system with the production capacity to meet your needs. 

If you intend to use solar energy to meet all of your needs, the system should have the capacity to meet your highest consumption rate. Talk with our solar power system installers who will guide you in choosing the right system for your needs.

Other factors to consider before proceeding with a solar system installation in Pacific Haven include the build quality of a particular solar system, the panel’s efficiency, the heat tolerance of the solar panels, and the quality of warranty the manufacturer or distributor provides. 

Pacific Haven Solar Energy Savings

Households that install a 6kW solar system can save as much as $1,566 every year when you calculate using a self-consumption rate of about 50% and the feed-in tariffs at the lowest rate of 6c.

However, the actual saving per individual household will vary based on the size of the solar system in use and the feed-in (or self-consumption) rate. In this regard, homes with low self-consumption rates will accrue higher savings than households that consume a lot of electricity during the day.

Solar Panel Installers In Pacific Haven

With GCR Electrical Systems at your service to handle your solar panel installation, you can rest assured of accruing all the benefits that solar energy offers. Our team of technicians is knowledgeable and vastly experienced in all aspects of solar energy systems in Pacific Haven.

With competitive prices and a customer-centric approach to our service delivery, GCR Electrical Systems is the right choice for you.