State Solar Feed-In Tariffs

When it comes to solar power, state governments across Australia have come up with state solar feed-in tariffs. These are also referred to as solar buy-back or bonus schemes. This means that applicable residential or commercial properties will receive a payment for the clean energy that their solar systems feed back into the grid.
If you are looking to install solar power in your home or business so you can enjoy these state solar feed-in tariffs, you should consult with GCR Electrical Systems today. With expertise in various solar and electrical systems, we will assist you in being able to participate in the bonus scheme effortlessly.

Why Choose GCR Electrical Systems Over Our Competitors?

If you are looking for the best solar power installer in Hervey Bay, you have come to the right place. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your residential or commercial solar power needs. 

1. Licensed Electricians

GCR Electrical Systems was founded and is currently run by a team of licensed electricians. We offer numerous electrical services in Hervey Bay for both residential and commercial clients. All our licenses are valid and updated regularly so you can always count on the best solar power installation services.

2. Experienced

We have been in the industry for a long time. We have worked with different types of clients over the years and have become experts in different types of services such as solar power installation, electrical installation or repair.

3. Professionalism

All our electrical technicians always practice the highest levels of professionalism when handling your electrical needs whether in your home or your place of business. 

4. Affordable

All our electrical technicians always practice the highest levels of professionalism when handling your electrical needs whether in your home or your place of business. 

5. Accredited Solar Specialists

We are fully accredited in solar design and installation with the clean energy council. Therefore, we are up to speed when it comes to the latest updates in the industry.

6. Safety

Electricity can be quite dangerous if not installed properly. That’s why we work tirelessly to make sure that your electrical systems and solar systems are installed and working properly. Furthermore, with regular maintenance, we can ensure the safety of everyone inside your property.

7. Maintenance

Just like any other electrical system, solar panels also need to be maintained. We offer a maintenance service to ensure the best performance of your solar panels.

8. High-Quality Services

We are proud to offer high-quality services to all our residential and commercial clients. With in-depth knowledge of the electrical and solar industry, please choose us for any of our services to guarantee the best results.

9. Exceptional Customer Service

We always ensure that all customer questions and concerns are responded to promptly. Whether you are calling us, texting or talking to us on social media, we are here to answer your queries. 

Types Of Services We Offer

At GCR Electrical Systems, we are proud to offer different types of services to our commercial and residential clients. You can call us today for anything regarding solar power, electrical services and air conditioning services. We handle everything from installation, repair, maintenance and replacement. Call us now and make an appointment. 


Why Choose Solar Energy?


Besides the state solar feed-in tariffs, there are numerous benefits of having solar energy for your home or business. These include the following.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Solar Energy?


Installing a solar power system can be quite expensive. You need to pay for solar panels, inverters, batteries and installation. However, it is a good return on investment and you can also enjoy the various tariffs offered by the government for a successful installation. 

Solar power is a renewable source of energy that has become a staple for numerous households and businesses all over Australia. If you want to enjoy the benefits of solar power in your home or business, call GCR Electrical Systems today.