Burrum Heads residents are already way ahead of the rest of the country with 39% of households having solar panels on their rooftops. If you are still not among them, it is the right time for you to be a part of the growing solar energy revolution. Get freedom from the ever-rising electricity costs by investing in your own renewable power source.

GCR Electrical Systems is the pioneer in solar panel installations in Harvey Bay. We have successfully installed more than 20,000 solar panels over the past 10 years. We offer a full range of solar power services.

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Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Burrum Heads

Burrum Heads residents are at the forefront of the solar energy revolution with a collective solar electricity generation capacity of more than 7,400 kW. The per capita solar generation is far ahead of the national average. Over the past 10 years, we have helped hundreds of families take advantage of solar power. You too can cut down your electricity bills substantially with the help of solar panels.

Don’t worry about the installation cost as substantial rebates are being offered at both state and federal levels. Solar energy is affordable and there isn’t much you need to do for installation. Just give us a call and our experienced technicians will survey the location to come up with a custom plan for maximum solar generation capability.

Business owners can also substantially cut down their energy costs as well as carbon liabilities. Business owners typically have a lot of free roof space which can be put to better use with solar panels. Businesses not only profit from free electricity but can also take further advantage of the investment through depreciation benefits as well as taxes.

Solar Energy Resources in Burrum Heads

Residents in the region are already generating solar electricity worth more than $3.2 million each year. The average size of a solar power system in the region is around 2.77 kW. Since the average rooftop in the region receives, on average, more than 5.5 hours of peak sun throughout the year, there is immense potential for solar power generation.

With a 6 kW system, residents can expect to reduce upwards of 10,000 kWh of free power in a year. It is roughly 70% more than the annual electricity consumption of a standard household in the region. With a 5 kW system, residents can expect to produce more than 8,300 kWh of solar power which is roughly 40% more than the annual power consumption of a standard household.

A 4 kilowatts system is capable of generating close to 6,700 kWh of electricity each year. With this system, residents should not only be able to fulfil their own energy requirements but also export a substantial chunk back to the power grid.

A 3kW system is enough to meet more than 85% of the annual power requirements of a standard household by generating more than 5000 kWh of solar power. With a 6 kW solar power system, residents in Burrum heads are expected to save more than $1,600 each year. The feed-in tariff rate in this region varies from $0.06 – $0.15 per unit of electricity exported to the power grid.

Solar Panel Installers in Burrum Heads

GCR Electrical Systems is the preferred solar panel installer in the Harvey Bay area. We have more than 10 years of experience in the installation, repairs, and servicing of solar panels throughout the region. Our technicians are licensed electricians and have the necessary CEC accreditation and approval. We have an excellent reputation for quality workmanship and affordable prices.

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