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How to Optimise Solar Benefits and Power Savings

Investing in a solar system for your home is a wise step towards significant power savings and a more sustainable future. We’re blessed with all this beautiful solar energy, why…

2019 Solar Rebates QLD

What are the current solar rebates and incentives in QLD? Good question. The answer is not as clear as one might hope! Here’s the scoop as of March 2019. If…
solar power Dundowran

Evolution Stone Saves With Solar

Completed in April 2018, the solar installation at Evolution Stone, now provides 70% of their total energy requirements. Switching to solar, provides a number of benefits for the Dundowran business,…

Smarter Business With Solar Power

Green Energy Opens the Doors to Smarter Business When local manufacturing on the Fraser Coast is discussed, the conversation often raises concerns about competitive pressure from offshore. Among the contributing…

Solar Panel Replacement Subsidies Scrapped

What Changes to Solar Subsidies Means For You The solar industry is set for some changes in 2018, as the government withdraws support from solar panel replacements, via its STC…
solar powered house

Is Professional Air Conditioner Cleaning Necessary

So, you love your air conditioning (don’t we all?), but you’re not sure about the idea of paying someone to clean it. After all, if it appears to be working…
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