A significant percentage of Australians are investing in solar panel installation for different reasons – ranging from wanting to save on electricity bills to wanting to enjoy tax incentives.  For instance, in 2019 August, there were 5,122 solar installations in Maryborough, translating to about 42.6% of Maryborough homes having installed solar panels. You can be sure that number is a lot higher now.

Before you have a solar system installation, verify that you are working with professional solar power system installers. Are you looking for solar panel installers for your Maryborough home? Talk to us today or request a free quote below.

Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Maryborough

Perhaps one of the most substantial benefits of installing solar on your residential property is how it greatly reduces your utility bills. According to Australian Photovoltaic Institute data, about 27% of households around Pallas street in Maryborough have solar panels. So if you have not done so already, consider installing solar panels. Furthermore, solar panels are a clean and renewable energy source.  

The initial solar investment may be costly, but multiple funding options will make the installation more manageable. Consider requesting a solar quote from different companies instead of settling on the first company you come across. Overall, it will take you between 3 to 5 years to get a return on your investment, but it is worthwhile. If you get high-efficiency solar panels, you can actually generate more electricity and sell it back to the grid.

Aside from residential properties getting solar installation in Maryborough, more commercial property owners are also investing in solar panels. If you own a commercial property, consider investing in a solar system to enjoy the surplus benefits solar energy has to offer. Investing in a solar system in Maryborough will help your property stand out and significantly reduce your operational costs. In addition to lower electrical bills, solar production also comes with tax incentives.

Solar Energy Resources Maryborough

The total number of electricity units you can generate is dependent on the size of your system. Solar is a renewable energy source, meaning you will almost always generate excess energy. You can sell the excess energy to the grid, ultimately generating income from the feed-in tariff. The sunny weather in Maryborough is great for installing solar hot water and solar power, meaning you will be generating sufficient energy to power your family home.

For every unit of excess electricity you export to the grid, you can expect to get paid an average of $0.06 to $0.15 with the feed-in tariff. There are Federal Government Solar Rebates that homeowners who install solar in Maryborough can leverage. The solar rebates you are entitled to vary based on your solar system’s size. 

The average-sized solar system in Maryborough is 3.9kW. You can install as many solar panels as your roof space and your budget allows. A 6.6kW would be an excellent system choice as it significantly reduces your electricity bills while also allowing you to leverage the benefits of the government’s solar rebates, and this system also pays for itself in about 3 to 5 years, making it a worthwhile investment. This system also lets you claim 33% more solar rebate than you would with a 5kW system.

Solar Panel Installers In Maryborough

Investing in a solar system is a worthwhile investment, so you should ensure you are working with reliable solar panel installers. GCR Electrical Systems has been servicing Maryborough for more than 10 years, installing thousands of solar panels across the region. We offer a range of services you can select from, including solar accessories, solar panel servicing and maintenance, solar panel installation, solar hot water and more.

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