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Enphase Home Energy Management

Your solution to make the most of your solar

When you’re investing in a solar system for your home or business, you want to make sure you’re getting the very best solution.

Because, aside from being able to see whether there’s solar panels on your roof, how do you know if your system is giving you the best available savings?

This is a question Enphase has taken seriously, in developing equipment and tracking tools to both maximise your savings and eliminate the guesswork.


What this has provided, is the Enphase energy management system. An integrated solution to get the most from your solar panels, complete visibility of your savings and energy usage, the ability to add battery storage, and the flexibility to expand your system at any time.

Enphase home energy solution

Like to remove the guesswork from getting the right system for you?

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Getting the most from your solar panels

The job of getting the power from your solar panels and converting it into what you use in your home, is done via an inverter.

Therefore, your choice of inverter, can greatly influence the power savings your realise.

When it comes to inverters, there are two main types:

  • String inverters – where a group of panels are strung together to share an inverter
  • Microinverters – where each solar panel gets its own inverter

Enphase’s solution utilises microinverters, ensuring that each of your solar panels produces the most possible power for your home.

Advantages of Enphase microinverters

  • Minimises power production lost due to partial shading, a faulty panel, etc
  • Maximises the time solar is produced each day due to more efficient power conversion
  • Provides a safer installation, as it eliminates the need for high voltage DC cabling
Enphase energy management software

See what your solar power system is producing

Getting more from your panels is great, but how do you know what’s really happening?

You could wait for the next electricity bill, and see your savings there, but what if you could know what was happening whenever you wanted to know?

After all, part of the advantage of having solar, should be that you eliminate surprises, right?

Well, Enphase have created a solution for this too, through their Envoy monitoring system and Enlighten tracking software. This allows you to see exactly, at any time of day, when power is being produced and what is being used in your home. If you add battery storage to your system, you can track how these are used as well.

Guess it’s not surprising they’ve called it an energy management system, because it really does enable you to track what’s happening with better clarity than ever!

Other advantages of this include, an inbuilt service feature that alerts you and your installer if there’s ever any issues with your system, or sudden changes that need to be checked out.

To store or not to store, should you add batteries?

Increasingly at GCR, we’re having more and more property owners ask us about solar storage for both new and existing systems.

However, the big question in adding storage is, are you likely to see a positive return on your investment? The challenge is, without clear tracking on both your power generation and usage, you’re not likely to have a clear answer.

home energy management system hervey bay

With the Enphase management system, it’s much easier to see if adding batteries makes sense. By clearly seeing how much spare solar power is being produced during the day, and how much you’re still using from the grid, the guesswork is removed.

In terms of the batteries themselves, the Enphase system even allows you to take advantage of any off-peak rates overnight to charge your batteries for any early morning electricity requirements. This enables you to take advantage of the best tariffs available to you.

Have an existing solar system you’re considering adding batteries to?

GCR can help you with the options of either the right Enphase storage and management solution, or if it’s unclear what would best suit your needs, adding the Enphase monitoring system first.

enphase solar installation

Should Enphase be part of your solar installation?

If you’re considering a new solar installation, or updates to a current installation, you may be wondering if Enphase products can provide the results you’re looking for.

To give you the right advice, including the best product recommendations, GCR provides a free in-home energy assessment for residents of Hervey Bay and surrounding areas.

This gives us the opportunity to understand your requirements, where you live and how you use energy in your home. Based on this, we can make recommendations that are designed for you, and provide you with the best ongoing savings!

Book your energy assessment today, by calling us on 07 4194 2753 or completing your enquiry below:

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Since buying a newly built house in Hervey Bay we have used grc to install our solar panels, air conditioners, to increase the number of TV connections and many more power points. We have found that not only was their service top shelf but the guys who did the work were exceptionally helpful and very polite. In summing up it is easy to see why this company is so successful when you look at the people you deal with from Gary and Christabelle down to the young fella who takes his boots off before walking in the door. I would highly recommend this company.
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Danny Meredith
2 weeks ago
I would highly recommend GCR Electrical Systems to anyone wanting solar installed. Right from first contact to installation is very professional. A very professional team that turns up when they say they would. Excellent job.
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Ken McIntosh
2 weeks ago
GCR Electric did a fantastic job replacing our solar panels. The job was extremely difficult due to high slippery roof. I would recommend GCR for any electrical job. Guys were friendly and professional.
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Philip last
2 weeks ago
We have just had a Solar System installed by GCR Electrical Systems. From the first time we met Gary he was very professional and explained all of our options to us so we could decide which System was suitable for us. The installation was very prompt and professionally done. I would recommend Gary and Christabelle to anyone who needs any electrical work done.
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Linda Borg
3 weeks ago
Really happy with the service & quality of my solar install! Great value for great product👍Have recommended GCR to anyone for all electrical & solar Requirements.
<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>
3 weeks ago
GCR - professional, courteous and just great to deal with!! We use GCR for all our electrical needs from general electrical work, to solar and air conditioner installation. Gary is a very knowledgeable electrician, especially with regards to solar. Highly recommend.
<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>
Jen Ferris
3 weeks ago
Gary and his team came highly recommend to us when we moved to Hervey Bay a couple of years ago, we had quite a lot of electrical jobs to be done in home and around the property, from running power to my shed which was about 30 metres from the house connect the power up to the new pool pump and water feature, installation of three split air conditioning systems and multiple Big Screen TVs around the house which they happily mounted to the walls, added extra power points where they were needed, and the big ticketed item of 36 micro inverted solar panels, we were more than impressed with Gary and his team of tradesmen, I have had to call Gary a couple of time just for advice and nothing is ever a problem for him he always responds promptly and his happy disposition makes him so very easy to deal with. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gary and GCR ELECTRICAL for all you electrical and solar needs.
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Andrew McKinley
3 weeks ago
We have had a 6.6 kw system with a Fronius inverter and Winaiko panels installed in Feb 2020. After tackling the minefield of solar retailers, thankfully we were recommended to talk to Gary and Christabelle. The entire process was handled professionally from the initial contact when we lived interstate through to the very tidy install and after sales service. Gary’s advice on what we needed was superb, I had so many questions! We had no idea of our power use as the house had been a rental, but early numbers show we should have reduced our bills to approx $0 a year so the system will have paid for itself in around 4 years. Could not recommend GCR enough. Thanks Guys, A and H 😁
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Helen Ison
3 weeks ago
Thanks to Garry, Christabelle and their team for installing our solar. Thanks for offering a quality product and service at a good price. We are so happy with their work and happy to recommend GCR to others. After being recommend to us by friends we could not be more happier with the outcome. If your looking for a local business that provides quality products and service make sure you get them around.
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Manda Paech
3 weeks ago
Gary, Christabelle and their team at GCR are fantastic! They did a great job with our solar installation as well as all their knowledge and advice. We are saving close to 70% on our electricity bills each year!!! Very happy customers. Would definitely recommend. 👍
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Renee Forsythe
3 weeks ago
Very happy with our experience with GCR Electrical Systems! We have had them out for a number of jobs over the last few years from updating smoke alarms, installation of fans, down lights and adding a solar system to our home. Gary is great at letting you know what would work best for your home. We also love knowing we are supporting a local family business. Highly recommend
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Emma Bennett
3 weeks ago
GCR were recommended to us by a friend after we had received 2 other quotes. Gary visited our premises advised on what was required gave us a price which was competitive from there we never hesitated.From Gary to Christabelle to the guys on site everything went smoothly and professionally from start to finish .We definitely will be referring them to family and friends.It is very pleasing to be able to refer a local company so highly.Bob and Sandra (Urangan )
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Robert Gislingham
a month ago
Gary, Christabelle and the rest of the GCR team were awesome. They were great communicators, very easy to deal with and honest about the best options for my place. Unfortunately, due to my local transformer (Kawungan) being 130% over capacity Ergon won’t pay me a feed in tariff due to their poor infrastructure and lack of planning for a decentralised energy system. This wasn’t GCR’s fault but disappointing for the community given my neighbours will also be in the same position when they go to install solar unless Ergon upgrades their infrastructure. GCR 5/5. Ergon 1/5.
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Chris Cameron
2 month ago
From the moment I phoned GCR electrical I knew I made the right choice from the quote to the end of the job was a very pleasant experience. They dismantled my old system put a new 6.6 system on my house and the team that done the work wow what a great team. I highly recommend GCR electrical. Gordon Merchant
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Gordon Merchant
6 month ago
Gary and his team were extremely professional and helpful. Price was on par with other major retailers, and the gear is the same / comparative too. I got quotes from 3 retailers, and for the gear we got GCR was the best in price.Installation - the team was on time, efficient, and thoughtful. To spend the hottest part of the day on and in the roof and then take time to explain it all afterwards was great.Highly recommend, I am normally skeptical of small businesses with low reviews, but GCR’s has definitely earned the 5 star rating on here.
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Ryan Wake
7 months ago
GCR did a great job from quote to install, definitely a recommended service
<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>
Adrian Cox
8 months ago
great service
<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>
steve hope
9 months ago
GCR have installed solar on both my properties as well as many smaller jobs. They are a great crew, no hesitation recommending them.
<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>
Daddy Pig
9 months ago
GCR Electrical Systems. The initial consultation with Gary, to the completed 6.6kw Solar System by Shayton and his team installed in Eli Waters. This work was carried out in a friendly, competent and professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend GCR to carry our any electrical work on your premises. Thank you Shayton.
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Garry Batho
10 months ago
Gary and Christabelle of GCR Electrical Systems have been professional and courteous every time I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with them. Their team of upstanding professionals carried out our recent solar install efficiently and to the highest standard. I look forward to having GCR carry out any of my electrical work in the future and I absolutely wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for the best electricians on the Fraser coast. I’m an extremely happy customer.
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Douglas Kingwill
11 months ago
Recently had GCR Electrical Systems install a 6.6kw system on my property in Urraween. From quoting, booking in of the job, installation and quality of works the service was exceptional and beyond expectations.The whole operation from start to finish was professional, all of the men who installed the system were careful with my home and also took care to clean up completely after the job. Gary's advice regarding the solar was second to none and he was able to answer all of my questions. It's been a great experience knowing how everything works and functions in regard to the system installed!I wouldn't hesitate to use GSR again when needed! These guys are pros!
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Mathew Simpson
a year ago
The guys came to install Solar and a split system at our home. Very professional and promptly installed. Couldn't recommend enough.
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Ashleigh Kelly
a year ago
Excellent service, from time of quote to final especially like the way use txts. and digital sineing and sending daterr to ergon
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greg townsend
a year ago
A very efficient and prompt team who showed great skill in installing the panels on our two-storey house.
<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>
Brian Armour
a year ago
Had no problems with the company, very friendly, I asked the questions and they answered. Very happy with the results, would recommend to every one.
<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>
Wendy Delarue
a year ago
Gary and his team have just completed fitting a new 6KW SOLAR system and a 6.5KW MHI A/C unit to to my rental properties in Urangan. He provided very competitive pricing. Gary understands the latest electrical regulations and compliance. His workmanship is neat and top quality which is important when installing roof mounted SOLAR panels. All work was carried out in a polite professional manner, an excellent quality job without fault.
<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>
Anthony Edwards
a year ago
GCR Electrical Systems have set the standards that others should aspire to achieve in facets of solar installations.
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Brian Andrews
a year ago
Rowan, Your team are both very efficient and courteous, upon arriving they have measured and checked the shadowing effect of the neighbouring trees and have discussed; strings for the inverter, positioning of the banks of panels, shadowing of the panels and the effect for summer and winter. Thank you and the boys for the installation, we are very happy with you and your team for a professional attitude to having the Solar Energy System installed
<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>
Paul G
2 year ago