Your Solution To Make The Most Of Your Solar


When you’re investing in a solar system for your home or
business, you want to make sure you’re getting the very best solution.

Aside from being able to see whether there’s solar panels on your roof, how do you know if your system is giving you the best possible performance?

This is a question Enphase has taken seriously in developing equipment and tracking tools to both maximise your savings and eliminate the guesswork.

What this has provided is the Enphase energy management system. This is an integrated solution to help you get the most from your solar panels, give complete visibility of your savings and energy usage, the ability to add battery storage and the flexibility to expand your system at any time.


Getting The Most From Your Solar Panels

The job of getting the power from your solar panels and converting it into what you use in your home, is done via an inverter.

Therefore, your choice of inverter can greatly influence the power savings you realise.

When It Comes To Inverters, There Are Two Main Types:

Enphase’s solution utilises microinverters, ensuring that each of your solar panels produces the most power possible for your home.

Advantages Of Enphase Microinverters

Would you like to remove the guesswork from
getting the right solar system for you?

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What Your Solar Power System Is Producing


Getting more from your panels is great, but how do you know, what’s really happening?

You could wait for the next electricity bill, and see your
savings there, but what if you knew what was happening whenever you wanted to know?

After all, part of the advantage of having solar should be that you eliminate surprises, right?

Well, Enphase have created a solution for this too, through their Envoy monitoring system and Enlighten tracking software. This allows you to see exactly, at any time of day, when power is being produced and what is being used in your home. If you add battery storage to your system, you can track how these are used as well.

It’s not surprising they’ve called it an energy management system, because it really does enable you to track what’s happening with more clarity than ever!

Other advantages of this include, an inbuilt service feature that alerts you and your installer if there’s ever any issues with your system, or sudden changes that need to be checked out.

Store Or Not To Store, Should You Add Batteries?


Increasingly at GCR, we’re having more and more property owners ask us about solar storage for both new and existing systems.

However, the big question in adding storage is, are you likely to see a positive return on your investment? The challenge is, without clear tracking on both your power generation and usage, you’re not likely to have a clear answer.

With the Enphase management system, it’s much easier to see if adding batteries makes sense.


By clearly seeing how much spare solar polar power is being produced during the day, and how much you’re still using from the grid, the guesswork is removed.

In terms of the batteries themselves, the Enphase system even allows you to take advantage of any off-peak rates overnight to charge your batteries for any early morning electricity requirements. This enables you to take advantage of the best tariffs available to you.

Have an existing solar system you’re considering adding batteries to?

GCR can help you with the options of either the right Enphase storage and management solution, or if it’s unclear what would best suit your needs, adding the Enphase monitoring system first.

Should Enphase Be Part Of Your
Solar Installation?

If you’re considering a new solar installation, or updates to a current installation, you may be wondering if
Enphase products can provide the results you’re looking for.

To give you the right advice, including the best product recommendations, GCR provides a free in-home
energy assessment for residents of Hervey Bay and surrounding areas.

This gives us the opportunity to understand your requirements, where you live and how you use energy in
your home. Based on this, we can make recommendations that are designed for you, and provide you
with the best ongoing savings!

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