Maintenance Is More Than Just Cleaning Solar Panels


We know that a solar system purchase is a major investment. Just like your other large investments such as the family car, regular servicing or solar maintenance is essential. Yearly servicing is recommended to ensure that your system is operating at its peak performance. GCR Electrical Systems maintenance program provides you with peace of mind regarding your solar power investment, and its performance – all year around.

Our solar maintenance service includes an annual inspection, cleaning of your solar panels and monitoring your solar system by a fully qualified CEC Accredited Electrician. We do a complete solar maintenance check on your system as per the Clean Energy Councils recommendations. This ensures that it is safe, secure and performing to the systems optimum capacity.

It is critical that all connections and cabling are inspected regularly. Solar panels can generate up to 1000v DC for commercial usage and 600v DC for residential. This type of output coupled with loose
connections can easily cause a fire. Loose connections can occur through the contraction and expansion of electrical terminals over time. An important aspect of solar maintenance is to check for any faults or loose connections.

During the summer storm season it is important to remain vigilant.

Immediately after any major storm, it is recommended that all
connections and fasteners should be checked. The manufacturer of your solar mounting system recommends this, as well as being a part of standard annual solar maintenance checks.

At GCR Electrical Systems our fully qualified CEC Accredited Electrician will check all of your panels, racking, wiring, inverter and the overall solar system performance.

Our Annual Solar Maintenance Service Includes

Based on recommendations via the Australian Standard AS NZS 5003, and on our own standards, your solar maintenance and cleaning of solar panels will ensure that you are generating the optimum results from your solar power system.

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Did You Know that Dirty Panels Can Cause Up To a
15% Loss in Performance?

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