GCR Electrical Systems is the premier solar installation specialist in St. Helens. We are fully accredited and approved by the Clean Energy Council. All our technicians are fully licensed electricians and have years of experience in designing and installing successful and long-lasting solar power systems. We are known for reliable, timely and affordable services. 

Close to 8,300 households in St. Helens have already taken advantage of solar power. Don’t get left behind. Call us today at (07) 4194 2753 to get a free solar quote.

Commercial & Residential Solar Panel St. Helens

GCR Electrical Systems is the leading solar panel installation service for both residential and commercial purposes. We are a CEC-approved and accredited solar panel installer and retailer. We have successfully completed the installation of hundreds of solar power systems.

St Helen’s residents are already enthusiastically embracing solar electricity and are known to collectively generate solar energy worth close to $17 million each year. Solar panels are affordable with rebates at the federal and state levels. You can further recoup your investment quickly through feed-in tariffs.

Solar panel installation also offers many advantages for businesses, especially those with a lot of space on the rooftop. Businesses have a lot to gain by way of depreciation benefits, tax write-offs and money saved on energy expenses for the next 15 to 20 years.

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Solar Energy Resources In St. Helens

A 6 kW solar power system is capable of generating more than 8,200 units of solar electricity each year which is 41% more than the energy consumption of a standard household in the region. The excess energy can be exported back to the power grid to benefit from feed-in tariffs. 

With a 5 kW system, you can expect to generate close to 6,900 units of solar electricity each year. It will not only help you meet your own power requirements but there will also be some energy left to be exported back to the power grid.

A 4 kW system is able to meet around 94% of the power demands of a standard household in the region. It is estimated to generate more than 5,500 kWh of solar power each year. A 3 kW system can typically generate more than 4,100 units of solar electricity each year. 4,100 units are typically enough to meet around 70% of the annual electricity consumption of a standard household.

The feed-in tariffs in the region range from $0.06-$0.15 though the actual price will depend on your energy retailer.

How to Find the Best Solar Panels for your Home in St. Helens

There are more than 5,000 products listed on the approved list on Clean Energy Council’s website. It makes it difficult for an average homeowner to choose the right solar panel. This is why you should always focus on choosing the right solar installation service.

Make sure they are accredited and approved by the Clean Energy Council. Performance warranty is provided by all the solar panel retailers but you need to focus on a warranty from the installer. GCR Electrical Systems provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We design a custom solution for each of our clients to help them capture the maximum solar energy potential based on their location.

We have been active in this industry for more than a decade and have successfully installed hundreds of solar power systems for residential as well as commercial customers.

St. Helens Solar Energy Savings

With the 6 kW solar power system, residents in the region can expect to save more than $1,400 each year though the exact amount of savings will depend on the rate of the feed-in tariff, type of solar panels, quality of installation, quality of solar inverters, weather conditions, and various other factors. With a 5 kW system, you should expect to save at least $1,000 each year.

Solar Panel Installers in St. Helens

There are hundreds of different solar panels available for sale in Australia at various price points. Most people don’t have the time and energy to go through the technical specifications of each brand and this is why they rely on their installer to make the right decisions.

GCR Electrical Systems has been successfully serving the residents in the area of St. Helens for more than a decade and we have hundreds of successful installations that are still going strong. We work with only the best solar panel manufacturers and all of our technicians are properly trained and licensed. We are also on the Clean Energy Council’s accredited list.

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