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Solar energy can offer you the freedom and flexibility you have been looking for. Millions of people across the country have already embraced solar energy as their main source of power for domestic and commercial activities.

Currently, many homes and businesses across Australia are completely or partially powered by solar energy. To really benefit from solar energy, you must invest in high-quality and reliable solar panels.

The solar panels must be mounted in strategic locations within your property in order to capture as many UV rays as possible and generate sufficient power for you. If you are looking for quality and affordable solar mounting solutions, GCR Electrical Systems is here for you.


Why Go For GCR Electrical Solar Mounting Services?

High Quality Solar Mounting Solutions

If you are looking for the best photovoltaic and solar mounting systems, look no further than GCR Electrical Systems. We offer only the best and most reliable solar racking and mounting equipment available in the country. All our mounting equipment and components are sourced from reputable and well-known manufacturers.

Trusted And Reputable Solar Panel Installers

We are a reputable and trusted Australian retailer of all types of solar panels, mounting systems and solutions. We are one of the largest solar mounting companies in the country.

GCR Electrical have a proven track-record that’s comprised of many successful solar mounting and installation projects scattered across the country.

Quick Mounting And Installation

At GCR Electrical, we believe that time is money and any time we waste for our clients is an opportunity lost for both us and them. We do not waste any time when it comes to mounting and installation jobs.

We show up on time and complete the job in a timely manner so that your solar needs and requirements are met without any delay. Our quick project turnaround times are something that we are really proud of -and we are sure you’ll agree.

Affordable Solar Mounting Rates And Equipment Prices

All our mounting and racking systems, from small-scale units to large-scale/off-grid systems, are available at affordable prices. We offer the best service rates and equipment prices in the market. We offer our clients a wide variety of packages at different price points in order to meet their unique power requirements.

Experienced Staff

Being fully licensed and insured allows us to do our work unimpeded. Our clients can rest assured that the company they are working with puts their interests first.

24/7 Expert Assistance With All Types Of Solar Systems

Our team of expert solar technicians is always ready and willing to help you with any issue or problem that you may have with your solar panel setup. You can contact us anytime of the day or week, and we will not hesitate to offer you any assistance you may need.

Solar Solutions That Are Customised For You

The best solar system is one that is tailor-made or customised for you. This means a solar system that meets your exact needs and requirements. At GCR Electrical, we believe in offering our clients solar panel mounting solutions that address their unique power needs, location, budget and other requirements.

We Work With Reputable Partners To Give You The Best Products And Services

Collaboration is key in the solar industry. Because of this, we strive to work with only the best manufacturers, suppliers, brands and partners in the industry. 

We Are Fully Licensed and Insured

Everyone at GCR Electrical, from our customer service personnel to our solar mounting technicians, is highly-skilled and experienced in the industry. This is one of the key aspects that put us ahead of our competitors. All our employees have the necessary qualifications and work experience to adequately and effectively serve our clients.

Service Guarantees and Equipment Warranties

We offer comprehensive service guarantees and equipment warranties. All our repair works come with a minimum 30-day guarantee and all our mounting equipment and components come with valid warranties to ensure customer satisfaction.

Residential Roof Mounting Systems

if you are looking to install solar panels on your home’s roof,GCR Electrical can offer you the equipment and expertise you need. Roof panels are excellent for homes and apartment buildings situated in urban areas where space may be limited. Our roof racking and mounting systems ensure that your solar panels are completely secure and performing optimally all year round.

Commercial Building Facades

GCR Electrical also provides solar mounting services for commercial buildings. We help with solar panel installation on building facades and external walls. Call us today to get a customised solar mounting solution for your commercial building.


Ground Systems


For clients who may wish to set up off-grid solar systems, GRC Electrical can provide them with ground solar racking and mounting systems to meet their unique power needs. Ground systems are excellent for large-scale power generation in rural or remote areas.

Don’t compromise, stay safe, and only use electrical professionals like GCR electrical when it comes to your solar mounting requirements. It’s in your best interest to trust us with all your electrical needs. 

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