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Solar Systems Hervey Bay QLD

With climate change a powerful force within the media, political arena and embedded in socio-cultural attitudes, going solar with effective solar systems is a wise choice. Environmental friendliness is highly-important in contemporary society and Australia’s climate has been changing over the years. In certain states such as the Sunshine State of Queensland, there is ample opportunity to harness the energy from the sun. Solar systems are the way of the future at present along with wind and hydro energy systems generating electricity. GCR Electrical Services are a premium company when it comes to solar systems for both residential and commercial properties. If you utilise electricity predominantly during daytime hours, the majority of your energy consumption will be fuelled by the sun’s energy. Our valued client, Condy Park Kindergarten had an outdated system outdated and our team completed a 16.7km solar system and we achieved superior quality workmanship as reflected on our Facebook page. Another valued client, Helen Ison said ‘Yipeeeee! Solar went on today, 6.4 KW 19 WINAICO panels and Fronius inverter. Looks lovely on our newly painted roof. Love the app, it’s night when I looked but excited to see what happens tomorrow on a sunny day. In Hervey Bay, Qld and GCR Electrical did the install. Thank you to everyone on here when I was researching what to do! Advice was invaluable!’ Another successful install was for home owners in Urangan with a powerful Tesla Powerwall II. This solar system works by the solar panels and collectors gaining energy from the sun’s rays and thise is then harnessed to power your home or business. When the sun is limited, your solar system often then relies on the electrical grid, however not with the Tesla Powerwall. This solar system allows you to capture the sun’s energy and store it for use later in the day during the evening and night time.

Going Solar For Your Business

Nowadays it isn’t just the home owners that are going solar but more and more businesses are choosing the option of solar systems based on the environmental-friendliness and energy-efficiency. It’s a great marketing attribute to say that you are environmentally-conscious and engaged in sustainability as many consumers respect that in a company in modern times. Depending on your usage of electricity and what you need to generate energy for – appliances, equipment and general requirements like lighting and security – will influence the number of solar panels you require and the connection to the electricity grid. Our valued client, B&S Classic Doors operate on heavy duty manufacturing operations which consumes a hefty amount of power, however after engaging the services of GCR Electrical Services, they were able to obtain a conducive solar system that GCR was able to tailor specifically for their requirements so operations can continue but with reduced electricity grid consumption. Director Gary Radke of GCR Electrical Systems stated ‘the issue with energy costs is the highly common inability to perceive its value into a measurable form’ yet what we achieved for B&S Class Doors means that their savings and energy use could be easily measured and monitored and no downtime.

Premium-quality Supply And Installation

At GCR Electrical Services, we are proud of our achievements and our ability to supply and install premium-quality solar systems to help home owners and businesses save money on energy bills. Sometimes this means paying extra care and attention to different aspects of roofing styles and for one savvy investor, we installed a 6.6km solar system on their investment property despite a combination of tile roof and double-storey building. We utilise quality solar systems such as WINAICO solar module manufacturers and suppliers, Sungrow which is the second biggest inverter manufacturer in the world and Fronius which are leading the way in solar system inverters and battery storage. There are options with solar systems including on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar systems and it all depends on your usage and how you wish to pursue the advantage of solar energy today.