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Solar Systems in Hervey Bay

With the advances in technology in modern Australia, more and more homeowners and commercial property owners are moving towards solar systems in Hervey Bay and surrounds. For quite some time now the Government has been offering solar rebates as an incentive for people to move towards running their home on solar energy and not only is an environmentally friendly move to make but it is cost saving as well. Imagine having a bill in credit where you don’t have to pay a cent; that’s a dream bill to receive in the mail. There are different types of solar systems for Hervey Bay and Queensland in general: grid-connected solar systems, off-the-grid systems and hybrid. Grid-connected solar systems in Hervey Bay are a great way to live off solar energy while still connected to the utility power grid feeding into it. GCR Electrical Services are highly-competent and knowledgeable with grid-tied energy systems and understand the requirements to make a truly efficient solar system in Hervey Bay. Equipment required includes a Grid-Tie Inverter (GTI) which will regulate the voltage and current being transmitted by your solar panels. Direct Current (DC) is converted into Alternating Current (AC) so that you may utilise electrical appliances within the home or commercial property. With output voltage that is a bit higher than the grid voltage, the excess electricity flows to the grid which typically means a bill in credit. Micro-Inverters are on the rear of every solar panel on your roof but there is some debate surrounding the optimisation between micro-inverters and central inverters which works with the entire set of solar panels. When installing solar systems in Hervey Bay, the old power meter will generally need to be replaced with a new one that holds the capacity to meter the power being transmitted in both directions, the incoming and the excess flow outwards. Advantages of grid-connected solar systems include saving money on your bill as mentioned and given we are in the Sunshine State, generally your solar panels will generate more solar energy than required to run your household or commercial property. Instead of storing with batteries, the utility grid you are connected to acts as a virtual battery so if you utilise more energy than the solar panels generate, perhaps during the winter months, then you have the electricity grid to back you up.

Off-The-Grid And Hybrid Solar Systems

If you are thinking of moving towards a truly environmentally-friendly way of generating power within your home or commercial building, then an off-the-grid solar system in Hervey Bay is one way to achieve that. Relying solely on the solar energy generated by your solar panels, you can run the entire property as long as you have installed enough solar panels to manage your usage. Having solar panels not only on your home but a garage as well can mean the add up of all the panels together can produce enough solar energy to run your home… and even your garage. Electrical items such as kettles and ovens pull a lot of current as do hot water systems such as electric systems and solar hot water systems with electric back-up so you want to ensure that you have enough solar panels to manage the daily consumption of appliance use. The important aspect of being off-the-grid aside from it being sustainable and eco-friendly not to mention cost-saving is you need to have an efficient and quality inverter and charging technology as well as batteries. The battery system required to store the solar energy for you to run an off-the-grid solar system in Hervey Bay is either a set of deep cycle sealed gel batteries or lithium ion batteries. GCR Electrical Services are abreast of grid-tied and off-the-grid solar systems and you can be confident in our ability to drive your investment further.

Why Go Solar?

Solar Systems in Hervey Bay

Being environmentally conscious is an important attribute in today’s world as climate change slips by with massive changes in the eco-systems and weather. Having a solar system in Hervey Bay means you can commit to environmentally-friendliness reducing your carbon footprint. If you are a business with a commercial property and invest in a solar system in Hervey Bay, it can reflect you demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly principles which is a great attribute to utilise in marketing material. Furthermore, it conveys to your employees that you are taking responsibility to energy consumption in a sustainable manner. However, beyond the obvious environmental benefits lies a few other advantages of solar systems in Hervey Bay. As mentioned, you can drastically save money on your electricity bills which is fantastic on the bottom line for your business or for helping you and your household. The money you save on power can go towards something else important to you. Furthermore, solar systems offer a great return on investment and homes often increase in value with a complete solar system installed. Additionally, you can help protect yourself against rising energy costs which is inevitable with utility companies. Not only can solar systems in Hervey Bay be energy-efficient, if you invest in quality batteries for an off-the-grid system, it can offer you a low maintenance investment. As highly-qualified Electricians with strong expertise and knowledge on solar systems and electrical systems, engaging with GCR Electrical Services is the way to go solar.