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Can A Solar Company Help You Produce 24-Hour Electricity?

Can A Solar Company Help You Produce 24-Hour Electricity

There are those that avoid installing a solar array, simply because it only provides electricity when the sun shines. Or does it? Can you change the game by using renewable solar energy at night? The answer is yes, and the answer to this problem is incredibly simple. But to make sure everyone is on the same page, this post will go through the elements of solar power, and whether a solar company can help you produce 24-hour electricity? 

A brief outline of what will be covered include: 

  • A Basic Overview Of Solar
  • How Is Solar Energy Used At Night? 
  • Can Professionals Help To Install Such A System?

Australia is blessed with abundant sunshine, which you can count on almost daily to break through the clouds. But what happens when it goes down? 

A Basic Overview Of Solar 

The concept of solar power has not changed. You still need to catch rays from the sun using a silicone cell combination. And this harvested energy still has to go through a conversion process. In other words, you will require panels for harvesting. And you will need an inverter to convert the energy

What type of panels do you get? Are all solar panels the same? Essentially, solar panels function on the same basic principles. But you will find a wide variety of different designs and capabilities. For example, cost-effective panels do not harvest and produce as much energy as higher-quality panels will.

The same can be said about the inverter. Given that it has to constantly make the energy available in your home, it needs to be durable. At the same time, it should match the combined power of your panels. Otherwise, you are letting the energy go to waste. 

Can Solar Company Help Produce 24-Hour Electricity 

How Is Solar Energy Used At Night? 

Now, for the interesting part, you have been waiting for. How are people able to use solar power night and day? Through a battery. Yes, it is really as simple as that. Installing it may be another story, but when you have a battery bank in place, the energy you do not use is stored in it. And when night time comes along, you switch from on-demand to stored power. 

Once again, there are different types of batteries you can look at. Lithium batteries are incredibly popular but can be pricey if you are working with a tight budget. Luckily, there are many affordable alternatives that are high quality and trustworthy. 

Can A Solar Company Install Such A System? 

Without a doubt, the right professional can help you maintain the use of solar power throughout a 24-hour period. However, it will require a fairly big battery bank. Or do you plan on using the energy sparingly? Either way, it is definitely possible. 

A professional will also give you valuable information and guidance. Many people are intimated when they want to put up panels but do not know where to start. However, a professional helps you clarify the situation by asking a few simple questions and providing their expert advice.

Solar Is The Way Of The Future 

If you live in Australia, you are in the perfect position to harness solar energy. Few places can boast such powerful sunshine, so just imagine the energy it puts out. And if you add a battery bank to the mix, there is no reason why you can have free electricity at night. It is just a matter of contacting a friendly solar company and getting direction. 

You will not just be saving on the electricity bill, but you also take pressure off the environment. That in itself is something to remember.

If you are looking for a trusted local solar company in Hervey Bay, please contact us today at GCR Electrical Systems on (07) 4120 7004 or leave an enquiry if you would like more information about our solar installation services.

Tips On How To Minimise Rooftop Underperformance

Rooftop Underperformance

The Physical Causes Of An Underperforming Solar System

When designing a system on PV software or facilitating an on-site inspection, you can sometimes be faced with certain issues that affect the optimisation of your solar system.

Following are some of the main things that affect the optimisation a solar system on a rooftop:

1. Multiple Roof Directions

Sun irradiation is mismatched on a string of panels.

2. Shading Caused By An Antenna Or Chimney

Rooftop objects such as chimneys, satellite dishes, or TV antennae can interfere with the overall performance of PV panels by casting shadows.

3. Shading Caused By The Home Of A Neighbour

Houses that have shade caused by their neighbours home or any other building, should consider one of the shade-management systems to lower underperformance.

4. Shading Caused By Bird Droppings, Leaves, Or Trees

Bird droppings often lower panel output which affects efficiency. An optimised system accounts for this issue, until cleaning.

These are all scenarios that result in a mismatch when it comes to panel generation. This often results in dragging down the performance of the system for either an “array of panels” or the whole string. When panels are connected along a string in series, these should be operating from a mutual current. If one or more of these panels generates less power, the entire array usually suffers.

To explain this phenomenon, think about the analogy of water pipes. The water that flows through a pipe is usually constant, similar to the current that runs through cell strings. If a mismatch occurs between the panels, this is similar to a partial blockage in a water pipe which causes the flow rate to slow down, which in turn affects the flow of water to the other pipes that connect to it. In the same way, the current that runs through the string will start to reduce when a mismatch occurs.

Why Is It Important To Pay Attention To Shading?

1. Heating Problems

Fallen leaves reduce the output of the panels which prevents sunlight from reaching the panels in specific areas that negatively impacts efficiency.

2. Roof Direction

According to market research, around 2 out of 10 homes have to factor in roof direction and shading. The power output reduces and a mismatch could also lead to extensive damage to a panel known as hot-spot heating. In extreme cases, this can even result in a fire. Using the analogy that was mentioned above, think about the blocked water pipe. When the pressure starts to build up the pipe might explode as the pressure increases.

3. Rooftop Obstacles

Obstacles that cast shade across the panels such as vents, pipes, and chimneys can negatively impact panel performance. This is an important consideration when planning the panel layout for your home.

How To Gain A Better Yield And Lower Performance Loss

1. Panel Level Solutions

The traditional panels connect in series and come assembled with full cells. See the electrical diagram below that displays the interconnecting sequence on the solar cells in the panels.

The half-cut solar panel is regarded as 2 traditional independent panels (all the half-cut cells connected in series) that are parallel in connection.

If shading is blocking an entire column, performance will reduce similar to the full-cell panels. Around 1/3 of the performance decreases, causing the temperature of the cell to rise.

When shading is blocking an entire row, this means that only 50% of the panel performance will be affected. The other half-panel will continue to operate as normal in comparison to traditional panels that lose all their power.

When shading has only blocked a single cell, only 1 string is affected (1/6 loss) when compared to full-cell panels that lose around 1/3 of their power.

2. Vertical Panel Arrangement

In Australia, less than 90% of the panels that are installed on roofs are in a vertical direction.

3. Half-Cut Panels Vs Full Panels

The half-cut panels feature 6 separate cell strings, this offers improved partial-shade tolerance. This means that when 1/2 of a panel is in shade, the remaining half is still able to operate.

4. Shingled Solar Panels

The shingled panels feature a different type of solar-cell layout. For example, with LONGi HiMO-X the solar cells come in 6-strings and these strings work independently and connect in parallel. When shading has blocked one cell or an entire string, performance levels only drop by 16.7%, when compared to the traditional panels that lose about 33.3%.

5. MLPEs (Module Level Power Electronics)

MLPE solutions are one of the other loss minimisation methods for solar systems. Both power optimisers and micro-inverters can assist the solar panels to operate independently, which means the affected panel or panels will not drag down the performance of the entire system. An MLPE solution is another effective way to minimise the loss of efficiency in a solar system.

If you are looking for a trusted local solar company in Hervey Bay, please contact us today at GCR Electrical Systems on (07) 4120 7004 or leave an enquiry if you would like more information about our solar installation services.

Solar In Hervey Bay: Why Is Solar So Popular?

Solar Hervey Bay Why Solar Popular

The cost of solar power is going down, and the efficiency of solar panels is going up. This means that now more than ever it’s a great time to invest in solar energy for your home or business. However, why is solar in Hervey Bay becoming so popular?

Many people don’t understand the benefits of solar power. There are misconceptions about what solar can do for you. We want to clear up these myths so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not solar is right for your home.

If you want to learn more about solar, then please continue reading our article below.

1. Solar Panels Are More Cost-effective Than Ever

The cost of solar panels has decreased significantly over the years, making them a more feasible option than they have ever been. Solar panels are now cheaper and easier to install than ever before because their technology continues to become more advanced as time goes on. 

Even though these factors make it seem like installing solar is no longer worth any consideration due to increased prices, studies show that in 10-12 years your initial investment will be paid off if you decide not to pay for electricity from traditional sources during this period.

Solar Hervey Bay Why Solar Popular

2. Low Environmental Impact

Solar panels are not only more environmentally friendly, but they also provide a larger return on investment when compared to other types of energy.

Solar power has the lowest environmental impact because it does not produce any toxic emissions that could be harmful for humans and wildlife alike. This is unlike traditional fossil fuel sources such as coal or gas which can emit smog-forming chemicals into the air, as well as large amounts of carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere causing global warming and climate change.

Traditional fossil fuels are the leading causes for damage to our planet’s ecosystem including habitat destruction and water pollution, with toxins known to flow downstream contaminating marine habitats along lakes/rivers, particularly as a result of a severe storm or excessive rain.

3. Never Pay For Electricity Again!

Different people have different reasons why installing solar panels is probably the best decision of their lives. Some do it because they care about our environment or want to help save money on electricity bills in the long run.

If you install solar panels, you will never pay for electricity ever again! Solar power is cheaper and better for the environment than fossil fuels that produce energy from coal or natural gas. As a result, you’ll be putting less carbon emissions into the atmosphere by switching over to renewables like solar energy and save a ton of money by not relying on traditional power from the grid.

What’s more, you can actually earn money by feeding your access solar energy back into the grid using the feed-in tariffs system. It has never been easier to cut down your electricity costs and earn money by doing so!

Solar Hervey Bay Why Solar Popular

4. Government Tax Credits

For those of you who may be considering a solar panel installation on your home or business, the Australian government offers an attractive tax credit for doing so! With our electricity prices increasing and other sources becoming more expensive due to climate change, it’s important that we take advantage of resources like these.

In recent years Australia has seen record-breaking heat waves resulting in increased demand for energy and higher power bills. That’s why installing solar panels is a smart move because they can help reduce household costs by up to 25%. In addition, if installed at work, then companies are rewarded with 30% from the federal government as well as $1/day per employee towards their retirement fund. 

Final Thoughts

Solar energy offers many benefits and is quickly becoming more popular. There are a few factors involved in this trend, but the main one seems to be concern for the environment. As people grow concerned about their carbon footprint, they may turn to solar power as an alternative. 

Whether you’re looking to save money on your electric bill or want to do something good for our planet by using renewable resources, installing solar panels can help you achieve these goals!

Please contact us today at GCR Electrical Systems on (07) 4120 7004 if you have any questions about solar in Hervey Bay, or leave an enquiry if you would like more information about our solar installation services.

Looking For A Solar Company In Hervey Bay?

We all know that solar power is a great renewable energy source, but it’s not always easy to choose the right company to install it for you.

When it comes to choosing a solar company, you need to make sure that you pick one that will help you save money on your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. However, there are so many options out there, it can be hard to find the best local solar company in Hervey Bay.

Therefore, we have made a list of certain things you need to consider when selecting a solar company in Hervey Bay. Please continue reading below to learn more!

How To Find The Best Solar Company In Hervey Bay

In order to find the best solar company in Hervey Bay, first pinpoint your needs. Do you need a system for home or business use? What size of installation do you require? Is there enough space on your roof-top? As we can see, there are a number of things to consider.

Based on this, following are some of the most important things to consider when looking for a good solar company in Hervey Bay:

  • Knowledge – a well-respected, established business will have access to all the latest technology and strategies. 
  • Experience counts – newer companies may not yet be licensed or insured adequately so careful research is needed before making a final decision.
  • Look at their references – ask around with other customers to find out how they’ve been treated by this firm and what should you look out for? 

If you can find a solar company that passes this criteria, then you are heading in the right direction.

Looking Solar Company Hervey Bay

Solar Power Benefits And How You Can Save Money

Solar panels are a great way to create energy-efficient and cost effective electricity from the sun’s rays. This is a powerful form of renewable energy that has many benefits for both humans and the natural world around us. 

One of the major benefits of solar power is that it’s good for our wallets! You can save yourself a lot of money by using solar power and not having to pay outrageous rates for your monthly bill.

By having solar power installed, you no longer have to rely on expensive fossil fuels that are used to power the grid that you feed off, and you also save the environment at the same time.

The Different Types Of Solar Panels Available For Installation

There are three main types of solar panels, and we’ll help you understand the differences. 

  • Mono-crystalline cells produce more electricity at a lower cost than poly-crystalline or amorphous silicon cells. The mono cell is fragile but yields up to 20% higher efficiency than its competition – perfect for hot climates where cooling costs money. 
  • Poly crystalline will be less expensive in colder environments because it’s tougher so they can withstand harsh weather conditions; however, their output decreases as temperatures drop below 0 degrees Celsius (32 F). 
  • Amorphous Silicon has high wattage but produces smaller amounts of electrical power when compared with other technologies due to poor efficiencies during extreme temperatures

The importance of finding the right sized system is vital when considering whether it will be cost effective and efficient. It may also enable access to renewable energy grants such as those offered by Queensland Government’s “Smart Solar Rebates”.

If you aren’t sure what is best for your needs, make sure you consult with an experienced solar installation company so that they can inspect your roof and determine what is best for you based on your home’s location and orientation. 

Looking Solar Company Hervey Bay

What Is Net Metering And Why Does It Matter To Me?   

Net metering, also called net energy billing or feed-in tariff (FIT), is a pricing structure for electricity where consumers are paid the wholesale price of power plus benefits such as renewable and clean fuel certificates.

Net metering helps to conserve energy and save money by balancing out your usage between periods when you need more power, such as during hot summer days or in winter months when heating systems are running constantly, against times where demand for power is low at night.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to looking for a solar company in Hervey Bay, we want to help you take the guesswork out of your decision. Our team has been in this industry for a long time and we know how important choosing a solar company is when it comes to getting electricity from renewable sources, saving money on utility bills and living sustainably! 

Please contact us today at GCR Electrical Systems on (07) 4120 7004 if you have any questions, or leave an enquiry if you would like more information about our solar installation services.

Choosing The Right Solar Company In Hervey Bay

Solar Company Hervey Bay Choosing Company For You

Choosing a reputable solar company in Hervey Bay isn’t as easy as it seems. There are many companies that all claim to be the best, but how do you actually know which ones are the best and which ones are right for you?

We know that going solar can seem complicated and intimidating which is why we’ve created this guide to help you find the most reputable solar companies in Hervey Bay. We will walk you through everything from what makes a good installer to what questions you should ask them before deciding on one for yourself.

This guide has been designed with every step in mind including instructions on where to start, who to talk to, and even an example of each question you should be asking along the way. 

By following these steps, choosing the best solar installer for you will become much easier!

1. Investigate The Solar Company’s Credentials

When you’re looking for a solar company in Hervey Bay, make sure they are licensed and insured. 

Firstly, the best way to find a solar company that is qualified and experienced enough for the job is by ensuring they are licenced. If they are licensed to install solar, this gives you some assurity that they are capable of performing the installation correctly and that you won’t have any ongoing issues. 

Furthermore, check if they have an office close to you, as this will make it easier for repairs or maintenance should there be anything wrong with their installation.

Secondly, if they are insured, if something is damaged during or after the installation process, you know you will be covered. 

Doing your research is key to finding a trustworthy solar company that will provide you with the service you need. Performing some background research on an organisation before hiring them can really make all the difference when it comes down to determining whether or not they’re suited for what you need done.

Solar Company Hervey Bay Choosing Company For You

2. Ask For References And Testimonials

When you are considering a solar company to work with, it’s important for them to have an excellent track record. 

Ask the firm why they’re qualified and how many other customers they’ve served in the Hervey Bay area before making any decisions about their credentials. Testimonials from satisfied customers can also help show you that this is a great option!

You can also ask friends or family in the area if they have used or can recommend a good solar installation company. This is another good way to make sure that you find a reputable company.

3. Compare Quotes From Different Solar Companies 

There are many important reasons to consider before choosing a company for your new home. One of the most crucial considerations is price, but that’s not all! You also want to know if they offer quality services and how experienced their team members are in general. 

These questions may seem like common sense at first glance, but it can be difficult when you don’t have any experience with solar installation yourself. Your research will help you make an informed decision based on reliable data from trustworthy sources about each option available out there.

So make sure that you compare quotes from different companies before making a final decision, and don’t just go with the cheapest quote. One of the most important considerations when choosing a solar installation company is value for money, not just price.

Solar Company Hervey Bay Choosing Company For You

4. Can They Help You Get The Government Solar Rebate?

Australians are passionate about their environmental footprint, and one of the ways they can save money on energy costs while reducing pollution levels in our atmosphere has been through installing solar panels.

Furthermore, solar companies can help you get a government rebate for your solar installation. This is because some countries offer incentives to install renewable energy sources which are good for the environment and will also save them money in the process!

So not only does installing more sustainable energies help our planet but they could even lead you getting rebates from the government as well.

However, if you’re not sure how this process works or what your eligibility is as an individual. That’s where a good solar installation company in Hervey Bay should be able to assist you. By speaking with experienced professionals, they should be able to walk you through every step of applying for the rebate. 

Final Thoughts

We want to help you take the guesswork out of your decision. Our team has been in this industry for a long time and we know how important choosing a solar company is when it comes to getting electricity from renewable sources, saving money on utility bills and living sustainably! 

Please contact us today at GCR Electrical Systems on (07) 4120 7004 if you have any questions, or leave an enquiry if you would like more information about our solar installation services.

On the Grid Solar Systems Hervey Bay

Solar Systems Hervey Bay

Imagine this: having a power bill in credit, helping the environment and getting rebates on your power. That is what the reality can be if you invest in an on the grid solar system. Property owners have been taking the note of the advances in technology; solar systems in Hervey bay and surrounding suburbs have been on the rise. Whether your incentive is to save money or to move to a more environmentally-friendly solution, switching to an on the grid solar system is worth researching and looking in to. While there are different types of solar systems, like grid-connected, off-the-grid systems and hybrid, grid-connected solar systems in Hervey Bay and in Queensland are a great choice. Grid-connected solar systems are still connected to utility power so if there is excess electricity, you are able to keep your account in credit so if you need to use the back-up power during the colder months, you have the grid to ensure that you have all the power you need. It is important though when installing solar systems in Hervey Bay that you enlist the right contractors to get the job done. GCR Electrical Systems are a knowledgeable and highly-skilled electricians, who have all the required tools and know-how to ensure that your solar system runs efficiently. Having a strong understanding of the equipment, like a Grid-Tie Inverter (GTI) that regulates the voltage, a Direct Current to convert into an Alternate Current so you can use your appliances and micro-inverters on the rear of the panel. Solar Systems in Hervey Bay are a great investment, especially being in the Sunshine State so take advantage of the natural resources you have available.

Off-The-Grid Solar Systems

Installing environmentally friendly solar systems in Hervey Bay is easy, whether it is with a home or a commercial property. Off-the-grid solar systems rely on the energy generated by your panels and if you have enough panels, you can create enough energy to power your home or commercial property. From appliances, to hot water systems and other electronics use quite a lot of power therefore as long as you have enough panels, you can successfully power you building with off-the-grid solar systems in Hervey Bay. GCR Electrical Systems are also experienced in the installation of off-the-grid solar systems thus the Electricians from GCR will be able to advise you just what your property’s need are.  GCR Electrical Systems will ensure that your property will have enough panels to be able to generate and capture enough sun, a set of deep cycle sealed gel batteries or lithium ion batteries to store any excess power and the other equipment necessary to ensure that your home or property is sufficiently powered. These systems are going to eco-friendly, sustainable and are a perfect long-term investment. 

Solar System Rebates and Incentives

In a country as sun blessed as Australia, especially in the Sunshine state, there are plenty of rebates and incentives available for those looking into solar systems in Hervey Bay. Even though you are guaranteed savings for many years to come with solar systems, the cost of the initial outlay of solar panels can seem a bit intimidating, which is why there are plenty of incentives out there for those looking to make the switch. Out of the incentives, there are two primary incentives available. These are Feed-in tariffs and Small-scale Technology Certificates. Queensland Solar Feed-in Tariffs allow unused electricity to be moved into a shared grid, giving the owner of the system money off their bill. Depending on where you live and sometimes on the time of the day, you can receive various different tariffs for your excess generated energy. Either way, once you receive your bill, the initial cost of your outlay will be worth it as you will start to see the savings. Small-scale Technology Certificates allow those who install solar systems in Hervey Bey, whether it is an electrical system or hot water system, to get various certificates on their system that can be sold and be used to give you a significant discount. Do not be intimidated by the apparent costs of installing solar systems in Hervey Bay, as there are so many incentives and rebates that will not only give you discounts up front but will help you save down the line.

Tips for Solar Hot Water Systems during Winter

Solar System Hervey Bay

Most of us don’t think about our hot water system functioning… until it doesn’t. Solar hot water systems are increasingly popular but during the cooler months of the year with less sun, they usually need an electric or gas booster back-up. This can increase your electricity or gas bill so one way of helping reduce these costs is to turn the booster off and only turn it on when required. For solar systems in Hervey Bay, Queensland has an abundance of sunshine throughout most of the year so you don’t have to worry about pipes freezing. There are tips for ensuring that you maximise use of your solar hot water system such as cutting back any foliage or trees that cast shadows or block the sunlight from reaching the solar panels. Checking the panels and ensuring that they are maintained and clean is important for driving the collection of sunlight to the optimum and additionally, use the booster only on days which are cloudy or wet. It is wise to use your dishwasher and washing machine during the day while there is some sunshine rather than at night when the solar hot water system won’t be reheated until the next day. With quality insulation, sunlight will still be able to heat your water but keep in mind that diffused light or low sunlight on cloudy days will reduce the capacity for the panels to absorb sunlight and thus heat your water.

Selecting Your Solar System Hervey Bay

If you are looking for solar systems in Hervey Bay, there are factors to consider when selecting the right system for you as well as the service and installation. Deciding on the type of panels you require to suit your household usage and the roof space that you have is highly-integral. If you have limited roof space for solar systems in Hervey Bay, then choosing mono-crystalline solar panels are highly-efficient. Technological advancements made with polycrystalline panels means these can also be efficient for household use and even if you do have enough roof space for plenty of panels, you want to ensure that they are efficient panels otherwise it is a waste of money putting too many inefficient panels over your roof space. Quality solar systems in Hervey Bay are wind-certified so they can withstand storms and high winds; the mounting system of your solar panels is crucial to having a proper structure and set up for solar. To complete the set up aside from the solar panels, you need a power inverter which is connected between the panels and your household electricity so that it converts DC power to AC electricity. The type of inverter will directly impact on the efficiency of your solar system as you don’t want wastage of solar energy. Additionally, another factor to consider is the length of the manufacturer’s warranty; manufacturers of quality solar systems will offer a lengthy warranty and it is reasonable to expect that your solar system in Hervey Bay will last decades. Working out your budget is also integral when seeking a solar system; you want a realistic budget but still to obtain a quality system that will last the time. Seeking recommendations from friends, family, neighbours and colleagues is also a good way to know which company to utilise for your solar system in Hervey Bay and also Google search for reviews. Testimonials tell you a lot about a company. It is also often wise to avoid pushy salespeople and focus on the customer service of the company and representative you are liaising with. Do they appear knowledgeable and competent in the industry? Are they certified and insured? What is their timeframe for delivery and installation? These are all good questions to ask when considering a solar system company.

Cleaning Your Solar Panels

If you have a solar system in Hervey Bay and want to ensure that it is maintained, contact a professional to have them check out if the panels are clean and functioning correctly. Always remember though, safety first. If you need to climb up on your roof, be cautious and only do so in a safe and secure manner. Your handbook or manual that should have come with the solar system will have recommendations on cleaning and it is not recommended to clean during a bright, hot day; pick a cooler day or clean the panels early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Avoid using abrasive products for removing dirt because these can scratch the panels’ glass and this will impact upon their performance. If you live in a highly-polluted area, wash your panels regularly to keep them performing at their optimum. For solar systems in Hervey Bay, contact GCR Electrical Services to assist you with your energy needs.

Grid-Connected Solar Systems Hervey Bay

Solar Systems in Hervey Bay

With the advances in technology in modern Australia, more and more homeowners and commercial property owners are moving towards solar systems in Hervey Bay and surrounds. For quite some time now the Government has been offering solar rebates as an incentive for people to move towards running their home on solar energy and not only is an environmentally friendly move to make but it is cost saving as well. Imagine having a bill in credit where you don’t have to pay a cent; that’s a dream bill to receive in the mail. There are different types of solar systems for Hervey Bay and Queensland in general: grid-connected solar systems, off-the-grid systems and hybrid. Grid-connected solar systems in Hervey Bay are a great way to live off solar energy while still connected to the utility power grid feeding into it. GCR Electrical Services are highly-competent and knowledgeable with grid-tied energy systems and understand the requirements to make a truly efficient solar system in Hervey Bay. Equipment required includes a Grid-Tie Inverter (GTI) which will regulate the voltage and current being transmitted by your solar panels. Direct Current (DC) is converted into Alternating Current (AC) so that you may utilise electrical appliances within the home or commercial property. With output voltage that is a bit higher than the grid voltage, the excess electricity flows to the grid which typically means a bill in credit. Micro-Inverters are on the rear of every solar panel on your roof but there is some debate surrounding the optimisation between micro-inverters and central inverters which works with the entire set of solar panels. When installing solar systems in Hervey Bay, the old power meter will generally need to be replaced with a new one that holds the capacity to meter the power being transmitted in both directions, the incoming and the excess flow outwards. Advantages of grid-connected solar systems include saving money on your bill as mentioned and given we are in the Sunshine State, generally your solar panels will generate more solar energy than required to run your household or commercial property. Instead of storing with batteries, the utility grid you are connected to acts as a virtual battery so if you utilise more energy than the solar panels generate, perhaps during the winter months, then you have the electricity grid to back you up.

Off-The-Grid And Hybrid Solar Systems

If you are thinking of moving towards a truly environmentally-friendly way of generating power within your home or commercial building, then an off-the-grid solar system in Hervey Bay is one way to achieve that. Relying solely on the solar energy generated by your solar panels, you can run the entire property as long as you have installed enough solar panels to manage your usage. Having solar panels not only on your home but a garage as well can mean the add up of all the panels together can produce enough solar energy to run your home… and even your garage. Electrical items such as kettles and ovens pull a lot of current as do hot water systems such as electric systems and solar hot water systems with electric back-up so you want to ensure that you have enough solar panels to manage the daily consumption of appliance use. The important aspect of being off-the-grid aside from it being sustainable and eco-friendly not to mention cost-saving is you need to have an efficient and quality inverter and charging technology as well as batteries. The battery system required to store the solar energy for you to run an off-the-grid solar system in Hervey Bay is either a set of deep cycle sealed gel batteries or lithium ion batteries. GCR Electrical Services are abreast of grid-tied and off-the-grid solar systems and you can be confident in our ability to drive your investment further.

Why Go Solar?

Solar Systems in Hervey Bay

Being environmentally conscious is an important attribute in today’s world as climate change slips by with massive changes in the eco-systems and weather. Having a solar system in Hervey Bay means you can commit to environmentally-friendliness reducing your carbon footprint. If you are a business with a commercial property and invest in a solar system in Hervey Bay, it can reflect you demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly principles which is a great attribute to utilise in marketing material. Furthermore, it conveys to your employees that you are taking responsibility to energy consumption in a sustainable manner. However, beyond the obvious environmental benefits lies a few other advantages of solar systems in Hervey Bay. As mentioned, you can drastically save money on your electricity bills which is fantastic on the bottom line for your business or for helping you and your household. The money you save on power can go towards something else important to you. Furthermore, solar systems offer a great return on investment and homes often increase in value with a complete solar system installed. Additionally, you can help protect yourself against rising energy costs which is inevitable with utility companies. Not only can solar systems in Hervey Bay be energy-efficient, if you invest in quality batteries for an off-the-grid system, it can offer you a low maintenance investment. As highly-qualified Electricians with strong expertise and knowledge on solar systems and electrical systems, engaging with GCR Electrical Services is the way to go solar.

EOFY Commercial Solar Deals

As another EOFY looms upon us, it’s the perfect time of year for small business to go solar! While preparing for tax time can be a hassle, there are also a lot of opportunities for smart investments, and leveraging tax deductions.

One of the most rewarding commercial investments, especially in our sunny Fraser Coast region, is harnessing our abundant natural energy and saving BIG with solar! If you’re looking at where you should spend your dollars to boost efficiency and improve systems in your business, solar is a powerful investment – both short and long term!

2019 Instant Asset Tax Write Off

If your small business has a turnover of under $50 million, you are entitled to the Government’s Instant Asset Tax Write off Scheme.

For asset purchases made and installed between 2nd April 2019 and 30th June 2020, you can write off up to $30,000 as an immediate 100% tax deduction.

Solar is becoming a popular choice for business owners to leverage this incentive to upgrade or invest in assets to help them reinvest in their business and grow.

The average household and small business energy bill is more than 80% higher than it was ten years ago – OUCH.

Reducing the need to draw energy from the grid at peak daytime rates translates to incredible savings for small business.

  • Immediately reduce your operating costs
  • Protect your business against future energy price hikes
  • Lower your carbon footprint and emissions
  • Increase the value of your property and business

And up to $30,000 is 100% tax deductible!

What is the cost of a commercial solar system?

The rise in demand for solar installations has substantially lowered the cost of solar – particularly for hybrid battery storage systems.

The cost of commercial solar is determined by your particular usage needs, and the location, size and orientation of your roof and building.

The quality of your solar panels, inverter systems and battery storage systems should never be compromised. Always opt for reputable brands for your solar components, and a trusted local installer.

This time of year brings many EOFY specials for commercial solar investments with interest free finance options or attractive package deals.

Does my 9-5 business need a battery system?

You might think that because your business only operates during daylight hours, battery storage is not necessary. However, keep in mind your stored power will serve you well when there is a power outage, or on overcast days when you’re generating less power from the panels.

Batteries can also give better assurance that daily peak demands won’t be as high. Demand charges can account for as much as 50% of a power bill in a commercial operation, so this can be a significant benefit to investing in solar batteries.

Every business and circumstance is unique. Your trusted local solar professionals will consult with you closely, and recommend the perfect solution for you.

Evolution Stone Case Study

GCR Electrical completed a 3 phase 31.65kW solar installation for Evolution Stone in April 2018 which now provides 70% of their total energy requirements.

The results

  • 70% of total energy is supplied via solar
  • $184,000 in projected savings over 10 years
  • Cash positive investment within 2.8 years
  • Initial power savings of $14,000 – $16,000 annually

We just love helping other local businesses achieve these amazing results. Our team work closely with you to optimise the benefits of solar and maximise your efficiency. It’s a bright future of savings when you switch to solar with us.

Other commercial 2019 solar rebates and incentives

Interest-free loans and grants for battery storage
  • Queensland small businesses can apply for grants up to $3000 or interest-free loans up to $6,000 to be repaid within 10 years.
Small business grant for combined solar and battery systems
  • Small businesses can apply for a grant up to $3,000.

Make the switch to solar happen for your business

Even though the EOFY can be a brain strain, solar is a no-brainer! Celebrate the sunshine and tax deductions this end of financial year and invest in cutting your small business energy costs – for good!

Get in touch with the GCR Solar experts to arrange a free onsite appraisal and quote. Let’s get you off that grid this new business year!

How to Optimise Solar Benefits and Power Savings

Investing in a solar system for your home is a wise step towards significant power savings and a more sustainable future. We’re blessed with all this beautiful solar energy, why power our homes purely from the grid? With Queenslanders and Hervey Bay residents enjoying glorious sunshine year round, you’ll see immediate solar benefits and power savings through installing a solar system. But there are many ways to optimise your solar to make best use of Earth’s natural energy, while increasing the performance and value of your system. From small lifestyle changes to clever investments, here are some top tips to help you get the most out of your solar.

Choose the right solar power system for your home

Getting the most out of your solar starts with choosing the right hardware and system for your lifestyle and unique needs. What’s best for your neighbour may not necessarily be ideal for you.

How many solar panels do you need?

There’s much more to an efficient solar system than installing the maximum number of panels possible. Your supplier should consider the location, orientation and angle of your roof, and the impact of environmental factors such as nearby trees and shaded areas.

Should you invest in a battery storage system?

A typical grid-connected home solar system without battery storage will generate power for use during daylight hours only. Any surplus power that is not used during the day, is fed back into the grid. When the sun goes down, you’re utilising (and paying for) power from the grid again. A battery storage system will store surplus power generated during daylight hours for you to use at night, during power outages, or even on a rainy day. This is the ultimate in sustainable renewable energy at home; but, not surprisingly, it’s considerably more costly on the onset.

Does the Inverter make a difference?

Essentially a residential solar system is comprised of your solar panels, an inverter – which converts sunlight into usable electricity, and the racks or brackets required to fit your panels to the roof. If you’ve chosen a battery storage system that of course will be an additional component.

There are two types of inverters, each with their own pros and cons.

Microinverters Vs String Inverters

Microinverter Pros:
Microinverters provide an inverter for each individual solar panel, installed under each panel. They are designed to help you get the more energy out of your solar power system. They can help your panels function better if they become partially shaded, and if you have panels facing different directions. These benefits can save you a lot of energy, which in the world of solar, means money!

More expensive initial outlay.

String Inverter Pros:
String inverters function in a circuit connecting 6-10 individual panels in a ‘string.’ Typically a residential property would require one or two string inverters installed near to your power board. They are cheaper than micro-inverters and easy to access in the event of a problem.

Limited to output of weakest panel in the string. So if one panel is faulty or partially shaded, the efficiency of the whole string is affected.
Uses higher voltage DC cabling.

It’s well worth putting some time and research into choosing the right solar energy management system.

Minimise Power Usage to Optimise Solar Benefits

While it’s tempting to run around and turn on every appliance now that you’re powered by the glorious sun…keep in mind that you get a small return for the power you feed back into the grid. If you have a battery system – all the more reason to conserve power for use after dark.

  • Turn lights and fans off when you leave the room
  • Run the Aircon at 24 degrees (only when necessary)
  • Turn standby appliances off at the wall when not in use
  • Use the eco settings wherever possible
  • Use only cold water for your washing machine

Change night-time power settings to day

A little change in your routine can go a long way. Put those solar panels to optimal use by operating some of your more power-hungry household appliances during the day.

Pool pump – Run your filter during daylight hours rather than overnight. Set the timer for early in the morning, and mid-to-late afternoon.
Washing machine – Avoid washing your clothes in the evening or on dark rainy days.
Hot water system – If you have a timer system connected to your hot water system, set it to heat and fill your hot water for a particular number of hours during the hottest time of the day only, not overnight. And use your hot water conservatively in the evening.
Dishwasher – I know, we all love the convenience of popping the dishwasher on before bed and waking to sparkling clean dishes. But you’ll be amazed at how much you can save by running your dishwasher in the afternoon and quickly washing those final dinner dishes by hand.

Upgrade Old or Faulty Electrics and Appliances

These are items you can address over time that can result in massive savings. You can begin to put away your electricity savings to reinvest into upgrading and optimising power-hungry appliances.

  • Install efficient LED bulbs and dimmer switches
  • Upgrade to more energy efficient modern split system air conditioners
  • Install a time on your hot water system in order to only heat and refill the system at nominated times during the day – not every time you activate your hot water around the house.
  • When it’s time for a new fridge, washing machine, or any appliance, spend that little extra on a good brand with a high energy efficiency rating.

Ultimate in Solar Power System Optimisation: Battery Storage

While it comes down to your individual circumstance, property, power consumption and lifestyle, a solar battery system could be perfect in helping you get off the grid in the evenings. It is often considered the ultimate in solar power optimisation and efficiency for residential and commercial systems. Known to be quite costly, price has come down in recent years thanks to swift advances in technology. If unable to invest in a battery system right now, many homeowners are ensuring they install a system with provision to add a battery at a later date.

As of April 2019, there are some great QLD solar rebates, incentives and interest free loans on offer at the Federal and State Government Level in Queensland, it’s well worth looking into when you’re considering a solar powered investment.

As always, we advise you talk with your trusted local Hervey Bay solar company, who knows your area well and has a good idea of your particular needs and lifestyle. Look for a company with a good reputation and solid local references. Choosing the right solar company is probably the most important step in ensuring the optimal suitability and efficiency of your system – and the maximum dollars kept in your wallet!

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