Get the best solar panels in Burrum River today! Cut down your electricity costs by up to 85% with our most efficient and long-lasting solar panels.

GCR Electrical Systems is the premier CEC accredited solar panel installer in Burrum River. With over 20,000 solar panel installations, we take pride in our reliable and affordable solar panel installation service.

Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Burrum River

Homeowners and Business owners in Burrum River rely on GCR Electrical Systems for reliable solar panel installation services. We have more than 10 years of experience in the solar panel installation and service industry with more than 1,000 happy customers. We know solar and ensure that our customers get the best.

Our team of fully licensed and CEC accredited technicians has a combined experience of several decades in the installation and servicing of solar panels. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach.

We conduct a thorough survey of each property to determine the best location for the installation of solar panels. A north-facing roof is the best place for solar panels but if that’s not there, we will try to provide the best possible solution to capture maximum solar energy in your location.

Cost shouldn’t be an issue with substantial solar power rebates at both the federal and state level. We will take care of the rebates on your behalf. When you contact us for a quote, you will get a detailed estimate that will include the rebate.

Business owners have plenty of incentives in addition to free power to get solar today. As a business owner, you also get to benefit from depreciation and tax-related laws. This is also a way for you to stand out. Australian consumers are increasingly aligning with businesses that care about the planet and there’s nothing better than solar power to keep the environment green and help cut down on carbon emissions.

Solar Energy Resources in Burrum River

With a 6.6 kW system, you can expect to generate solar electricity worth more than 10,000 kWh annually which is roughly 70% more than the average annual solar electricity consumption of a standard household in the region. A 5 kW system is expected to generate more than 7,600 kWh each year.

A 4 kW system is expected to generate more than 6,100 units of solar electricity annually and with a 3 kW system, you can expect to generate around 4,600 kWh of electricity each year.

How to Find the Best Solar Panels for Your Home in Burrum River

There are plenty of solar brands in the market which has made things very confusing for buyers. This is why we have partnered with the top brands across the globe to ensure the delivery of the very best solar panels for our customers.

We choose solar panels that are known to be the most efficient and extremely durable. These panels will keep working for you for the next 20 to 25 years without any noticeable drop in inefficiency.

Burrum River Solar Energy Savings

You will save plenty of money with our efficient and affordable solar power system installation. With a 6.6 kW system, you can expect to save more than $1,500 annually. A 5 kW system should allow you to save more than $1,000 annually. 

In addition to the solar electricity that you generate for your own use, you will also make money through feed-in tariffs. The current rate of feed-in tariffs in Queensland varies from $0.06-$0.15. The exact rate will depend on your electricity retailer.

Solar Panel Installers in Burrum River

GCR Electrical Systems is a 100% Australian owned and operated business. Our team of fully licensed electricians is Clean Energy Council accredited and approved. We have a combined experience of several decades in solar design and installation. We also make sure that your solar PV system keeps operating at peak efficiency once the initial installation is done. We are known for our fast, efficient and friendly service at affordable prices.