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Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint should be a concern for everyone. Each year, we are feeling the effects of global warming more and more. That is why using alternative, sustainable energy is widely encouraged.

The Australian Government, in particular, has been aggressively encouraging residents and businesses to use sustainable energy, especially solar power. And rightly so, because solar energy is free and Australia has plenty of it!

The main investment in using solar power is the solar panels. They are costly but definitely worth the investment. There are also rebates available in certain parts of Australia to encourage people to use solar.

Nowadays, investing in another solar battery storage is becoming more and more popular. But are solar batteries worth it? Solar battery storage costs more than the standard diesel generator, so they can be a bit expensive however, they are definitely worth every cent. Without battery storage, all the extra energy harnessed by the solar panels goes directly back to the grid.

While this is okay, nothing beats having free energy that you can use all day and night. With solar battery storage, you get to store the excess energy into your own battery so you can consume it at night when there is no sun.

Solar Battery Storage Benefits

  • You have power whenever you need it. Because solar energy is only available when you have direct sunlight, a cloudy day, rain, or shade means you cannot fully harness the sun’s energy. This means no free solar power and might mean you will need to draw electricity from the grid.With solar battery storage, you can store excess solar energy gathered by the solar panels so you have power available whenever you need it, sun or no sun.
  • Reduced Electricity Bills. One of the best parts about using solar energy and having solar battery storage is the financial benefits. You will save a significant amount with your electricity bills and become more self-sufficient. When you use solar energy and battery storage, you avoid paying high electricity rates and service fees associated with electricity retailers. For most people, the money you save from electric bills is the biggest motivation in going solar.
  • Energy Security. Being able to store solar energy for consumption means you are self-sufficient and are free from power outages, blackouts, and other issues. Imagine being able to use all the energy you need all day when the sun is out and still have extra to use during the night without depending on the grid?
  • Environment-friendly. Our electricity from the grid is generated from fossil fuels through coal plants. This is the main contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and damage to our environment. With solar power, you produce little to no waste and pollution. This means you are reducing your carbon footprint and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This means that using solar battery storage is not just good for you, it is also good for the environment too.
  • No noise pollution. Generating and storing solar energy produces no noise unlike power generators used by plants for fossil fuels or even generators used for homes. You also do not need to use flammable materials like petrol to power generators. You can enjoy your backup power without any hassle and noise.

If you do not have solar battery storage yet, or a solar power system in your home, it is time to get one! It is good for you and better for the environment.

Installing solar battery storage for excess electricity generated from your solar panels is the best way to improve your solar power generation system’s performance to avoid using the grid, helping you save money on your electric bills in the process.

Start using clean renewable and sustainable energy now! If you need help in figuring out the best setup for you, CLICK HERE so we can help you. You can also call us on 07 4194 2753 today for more information.